Cliffs Hotel Blackpool

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Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
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Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
Cliffs Hotel Blackpool
Cliffs Hotel Blackpool


Nestled in the heart of one of the UK’s most vibrant seaside towns, the Cliffs Hotel in Blackpool proudly represents a perfect blend of historic charm and contemporary comforts. Overlooking the Irish Sea, this iconic hotel combines panoramic vistas with the vivacious spirit of Blackpool, allowing guests to enjoy a unique, engaging experience.

For decades, the Cliffs Hotel has welcomed holidaymakers, business travelers, and families, offering each guest a warm, authentic taste of the British seaside. With its art-deco exterior and stylishly appointed rooms, the hotel beautifully marries traditional elegance with modern amenities.

Conveniently located near Blackpool’s top attractions, including the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower, and the Winter Gardens, the Cliffs Hotel serves as an ideal base for exploring the enchanting town. Whether you’re here for the dazzling illuminations, thrilling amusement parks, or simply the tranquil sea breeze, the Cliffs Hotel offers unparalleled hospitality.

Our friendly staff, delectable dining options, and robust range of facilities, including a heated indoor pool and relaxing spa, make your stay as pleasurable as possible. Each of our comfortable, spacious rooms provides stunning sea views, creating a serene backdrop to your stay.

The Cliffs Hotel Blackpool β€” a treasure on the Lancashire coast, where warm welcomes, homely comforts, and stunning landscapes combine to create an unforgettable seaside retreat.


Experience the intoxicating blend of traditional British charm and contemporary comforts at the Cliffs Hotel, Blackpool. Housed in a majestic art-deco building, overlooking the vast expanses of the Irish Sea, the hotel stands as a beacon of hospitality in one of the UK’s most celebrated seaside towns.

Location and Accessibility

The Cliffs Hotel enjoys a prime location on Queen’s Promenade, offering convenient access to Blackpool’s top attractions. The famous Blackpool Tower, Winter Gardens, and Pleasure Beach are all just a short distance away, making it an ideal base for guests looking to explore the town. Public transport is easily accessible, with regular tram and bus services passing nearby. Moreover, Blackpool North Station is just a few miles away, making travel to and from the hotel a breeze.

Purpose of the Review

The purpose of this review is to provide prospective guests with a detailed and honest overview of the Cliffs Hotel. We aim to cover all aspects of the hotel experience, from the facilities and dining options to the quality of service and nearby

First Impression

Upon first sight, the Cliffs Hotel Blackpool strikes a balance between grandeur and charm. The building’s exterior, marked by a blend of classic architecture and modern design elements, conveys an immediate sense of welcoming warmth and authenticity. The hotel’s prominent location overlooking the sea adds to its allure, promising a relaxing stay complemented by captivating views.

Exterior and Architecture

The architecture of the Cliffs Hotel is a testament to timeless elegance. The building boasts a well-maintained classic facade that speaks of its rich heritage, whilst the tasteful modern touches ensure it sits comfortably amidst contemporary surroundings. Its imposing stature, coupled with its panoramic views of the Irish Sea, makes it a standout feature on Blackpool’s beautiful coastline.

Lobby and Reception

As you step into the lobby of the Cliffs Hotel, you are greeted by an atmosphere of understated elegance. The dΓ©cor combines classic British charm with modern touches, resulting in a warm and inviting space. Plush seating areas, tasteful artworks, and soft, ambient lighting contribute to the overall comfortable ambiance.

The reception desk, staffed by the hotel’s friendly and professional team, stands ready to assist guests. The reception area is well-organized, ensuring a smooth, swift, and personable service for every guest that walks in.

Check-In Process

The check-in process at the Cliffs Hotel is designed to be as efficient and hassle-free as possible. The attentive front desk team efficiently handle the check-in formalities, ensuring guests are promptly directed to their rooms. They take the time to welcome each guest, providing information about the hotel’s amenities and answering any questions. They are also keen to offer tips on exploring the local area, helping guests to make the most of their Blackpool experience.

In conclusion, the Cliffs Hotel makes a solid first impression with its grand exterior, inviting lobby, and seamless check-in process, all setting the stage for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


The Cliffs Hotel, Blackpool, offers a range of accommodations to suit the varied needs of its guests. From the coziness of a single room to the spaciousness of family suites, every traveler will find a room type that caters to their requirements.

Room Types and Sizes

The hotel’s room portfolio includes Single, Twin, Double, and Family rooms, as well as Suites. Each room type varies in size, ensuring that individual guests, couples, families, or larger groups can find a space that fits their needs. The Family rooms and Suites, in particular, offer additional space and amenities, ideal for those traveling with children or seeking a more luxurious stay.

In-Room Amenities

The rooms at the Cliffs Hotel come equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable stay. These include a private bathroom, tea and coffee making facilities, a television, and complimentary WiFi. Higher room categories might feature additional amenities such as a seating area, a mini-fridge, and upgraded furnishings, offering an enhanced level of comfort.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

The Cliffs Hotel places a high priority on cleanliness and maintenance. The housekeeping team works diligently to ensure that all rooms and common areas are kept clean and tidy. Regular maintenance checks are conducted to address any issues promptly and keep the facilities in top-notch condition.

Views and Noise Levels

The rooms on the sea-facing side of the hotel offer stunning views of the Irish Sea, adding a touch of tranquility to your stay. However, as with any central seaside location, there may be some noise from the bustling promenade and surrounding area, particularly during peak tourist season or local events. The hotel strives to ensure a peaceful environment within its premises, but it’s always a good idea to pack earplugs if you’re a light sleeper.

In summary, the Cliffs Hotel, with its diverse room options, essential amenities, commitment to cleanliness, and fantastic views, ensures that all guests, regardless of their needs or preferences, can enjoy a comfortable and satisfying stay.

Dining Options

Dining at the Cliffs Hotel is a delightful experience, with several on-site options designed to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. From sumptuous meals to refreshing beverages, the hotel ensures that guests are well taken care of throughout their stay.

On-Site Restaurants and Bars

The hotel’s main restaurant serves a delightful array of British and international dishes, all prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast to start the day, a satisfying lunch, or an elegant dinner, the restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that satiates all palates. Vegetarian options and a children’s menu are also available, ensuring that every guest’s dietary needs are met.

For those seeking a refreshing drink or a casual bite, the hotel bar provides the perfect setting. With a selection of wines, beers, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages, along with a menu of light snacks, the bar serves as a relaxed venue for unwinding after a day of exploring Blackpool.

Breakfast Option

Breakfast at the Cliffs Hotel is a highlight. Guests can choose from a wide array of options, including a full English breakfast, continental options, cereals, pastries, and a selection of hot beverages. It’s the perfect way to fuel up for a day of sightseeing.

Room Service

For guests who prefer dining in the privacy of their rooms, the hotel offers room service during certain hours. The room service menu includes a range of options, from quick snacks to full meals, ensuring guests can enjoy a relaxed dining experience without leaving their room.

In conclusion, the dining experience at the Cliffs Hotel is designed to satisfy a range of culinary cravings. With its restaurant and bar, comprehensive breakfast, and room service, guests can look forward to delightful dining throughout their stay.

Facilities and Services

The Cliffs Hotel offers a variety of facilities and services aimed at ensuring guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Whether it’s for relaxation, exercise, business, or personal needs, the hotel caters to a wide range of requirements.

Spa and Wellness Center

For guests looking to unwind and rejuvenate, the hotel features a spa and wellness center. The center offers a range of treatments designed to relax the body and mind, all performed by professional therapists. Additionally, there is a heated indoor pool, perfect for a relaxing swim no matter the weather outside.

Fitness Center

Guests who wish to maintain their fitness routine while on vacation will appreciate the hotel’s fitness center. The center is well-equipped with a variety of exercise machines and free weights, ensuring a comprehensive workout for all fitness levels.

Meeting and Event Spaces

For business travelers or those planning events, the Cliffs Hotel provides meeting and event spaces. These spaces are equipped with the necessary audio-visual equipment and can be set up according to specific requirements, making them ideal for business meetings, seminars, and even private parties.

Concierge Services

The hotel’s concierge service is on hand to assist guests with various needs. From providing information about local attractions and making restaurant reservations to arranging transportation and helping with special requests, the concierge team strives to ensure every guest’s stay is hassle-free and enjoyable.

In conclusion, the Cliffs Hotel’s wide range of facilities and services, from its wellness amenities and fitness center to its event spaces and concierge services, help to create a comfortable and convenient environment for all types of travelers, whether they are in Blackpool for business or leisure.

Staff and Customer Services

One of the hallmarks of the Cliffs Hotel is its dedicated team of professionals who strive to provide exemplary customer service. They are committed to ensuring that every guest’s stay is not only comfortable but also memorable.

Friendliness and Professionalism

The staff at the Cliffs Hotel is known for their friendliness and professionalism. Whether it’s a warm greeting at the reception, attentive service in the restaurant, or helpful assistance from the concierge, every interaction with the staff underscores their dedication to guest satisfaction. They consistently uphold a high standard of professionalism, while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor.

Responsiveness to Requests

The team at the Cliffs Hotel is highly responsive to guests’ requests. They understand that every guest has unique needs and they strive to accommodate these to the best of their abilities. Whether it’s a request for room service, assistance with planning local tours, or handling special dietary requirements, the staff works diligently to address these in a timely and efficient manner.

Language Capabilities

While English is the primary language spoken by the staff, they also have team members who are proficient in several other languages. This diverse language capability aids in providing a seamless service to international guests and ensuring that their needs are understood and catered to effectively.

In conclusion, the excellent customer service provided by the friendly and professional staff, their responsiveness to guests’ needs, and their language capabilities all contribute to the Cliffs Hotel’s reputation as a hospitable and accommodating venue for travelers visiting Blackpool.

Location and Nearby Attractions

The Cliffs Hotel boasts a prime location on Blackpool’s vibrant seafront, offering guests easy access to a plethora of local attractions and experiences. Its sea-facing position not only provides stunning views but also places guests at the heart of Blackpool’s lively atmosphere.

Proximity to Public Transportation

The hotel is well-served by public transportation, making it an excellent base for exploring Blackpool and beyond. There are several bus stops in the vicinity, and the Blackpool North train station is just a short ride away, offering convenient links to other parts of the UK. For those looking to explore the local area, the iconic Blackpool trams stop close to the hotel, providing a scenic journey along the coast.

Walking Distance to Attractions

The Cliffs Hotel is within walking distance of several major attractions. The famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach, home to a variety of thrilling rides and attractions, is just a short tram ride or a pleasant stroll away along the promenade. Similarly, the Blackpool Tower, Sea Life Blackpool, and the Winter Gardens are all within easy reach. For culture enthusiasts, the Grand Theatre and Grundy Art Gallery are also nearby.

Shopping and Dining Options Nearby

In addition to the dining options within the hotel, guests can explore a variety of eateries in the surrounding area, ranging from traditional fish and chip shops to gourmet restaurants. There are also several pubs and bars for those seeking a lively night out.

For shopping enthusiasts, the Houndshill Shopping Centre is just a short distance away, offering a wide range of stores and boutiques. Nearby, guests can also find local markets and independent shops offering unique souvenirs and local products.

In conclusion, the location of the Cliffs Hotel in the heart of Blackpool, with its proximity to public transportation and local attractions, makes it an ideal choice for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the best the town has to offer. The abundance of nearby shopping and dining options further enhances the appeal of this charming seaside hotel.

Price and Value for Money

The Cliffs Hotel offers a range of accommodations at various price points, designed to cater to different budgets and requirements. Despite the wide range, the hotel consistently provides excellent value for money given its prime location, quality of services, and the comprehensive range of amenities provided.

Room Rates and Packages

Room rates at the Cliffs Hotel vary depending on the type of room, season, and length of stay. In addition to standard room rates, the hotel also offers special packages that include meals and access to certain amenities. These packages can provide considerable savings, particularly for longer stays or during off-peak seasons.

Comparison to Other Hotels in the Area

When compared to other hotels in the area, the Cliffs Hotel presents a competitive proposition. Given its prime location, quality of service, range of amenities, and overall guest experience, the hotel offers good value for its price range. While there might be cheaper options available, the comprehensive offering at the Cliffs Hotel ensures a high standard of comfort and convenience that justifies its pricing.

Overall Value

Overall, the Cliffs Hotel offers excellent value for money. The combination of comfortable accommodations, a variety of dining options, comprehensive facilities, and exceptional service, all set within a prime location in Blackpool, ensures guests receive a well-rounded and satisfying experience for their expenditure.

In conclusion, for those seeking a comfortable and convenient stay in Blackpool, with access to a range of amenities and attractions, the Cliffs Hotel presents an excellent option that provides good value for the investment made in your vacation or business trip.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The Cliffs Hotel, with its prime location, quality services, and range of amenities, provides a delightful base from which to explore the vibrant seaside town of Blackpool. Its combination of comfort, convenience, and exceptional hospitality makes it an excellent choice for a variety of travelers.

Pros and Cons

Pros πŸ‘ Cons πŸ‘Ž
Prime location with stunning sea views Noise from the bustling promenade during peak season
Diverse room options to suit different needs Some rooms may feel dated and could benefit from refurbishment
Multiple dining options and room service Peak dining times can be busy, early or late dining recommended
Wide range of facilities including a wellness center and meeting spaces Spa treatments and some facilities may incur additional charges
Responsive and professional staff Limited parking, advisable to use public transportation

Suitable for Various Types of Travelers

The Cliffs Hotel caters to a wide variety of travelers. Its family rooms and kid-friendly menus make it suitable for families, while couples can enjoy the romantic sea views and on-site spa. Business travelers will appreciate the meeting facilities and the proximity to public transportation. Moreover, the hotel’s accessibility features make it a convenient choice for older guests or those with mobility issues.

Overall Rating

Considering its location, services, amenities, and customer feedback, the Cliffs Hotel is rated 4 out of 5. While there are areas for improvement, the overall experience provided by the hotel, combined with its stunning location, offers excellent value for money and ensures a memorable stay for guests.

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a business trip, the Cliffs Hotel, Blackpool, offers a comfortable and convenient base that caters to a wide range of needs and preferences.

Features & Amenities

  • Amenities : Air conditioning, Accepting Credit Cards, Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Free parking , Accessible, Kid-friendly , Restaurant, Indoor pool, Room service, Bar
  • Parking : The Cliffs Hotel provides limited on-site parking for its guests. However, due to its prime location and limited space, parking can get filled up quickly, especially during peak season. Therefore, it's advisable to use public transportation or consider nearby public parking facilities. It's recommended to check with the hotel for the most current parking information and arrangements during your stay.

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Queen's Promenade, Blackpool FY2 9SG, United Kingdom,FY2 9SG,Blackpool

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