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Top 10 Cheap Hotels in Blackpool: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the vibrant seaside town of Blackpool, a jewel on the Lancashire coast that beckons with its iconic attractions and lively entertainment. Finding budget-friendly accommodation is vital for travellers eager to experience the charm and excitement of this bustling town without breaking the bank. Our guide is here, showcasing the best affordable lodging options. We’re here to prove that staying in a cheap hotel in Blackpool doesn’t mean compromising comfort or convenience.

Hotel NameDescriptionPrice
1Village Hotel BlackpoolThe Village Hotel Blackpool stands out as a unique retreat in the heart of Blackpool, offering an array of amenities suited for both relaxation and adventure. With its own 18-hole golf course and outdoor swimming pool, it caters to guests seeking an active yet relaxing experience. The hotel's spacious family rooms make it ideal for those traveling with children. Dining is a pleasure here, with a variety of options available on-site. Set a bit away from the bustling city center, the Village Hotel offers a tranquil escape while still providing easy access to Blackpool's famous attractions. It's a perfect blend of leisure and convenience, making it a favorite for families and leisure travelers alike.£59
2Hampton by Hilton BlackpoolHampton by Hilton Blackpool offers a modern and comfortable stay with a touch of luxury, perfectly located on the South Promenade. Renowned for its stunning sea views, this hotel provides guests with a memorable experience, combining contemporary comfort and exceptional service. Each room is well-appointed with modern amenities, ensuring a relaxing stay. Guests can start their day with a complimentary hot breakfast, a hallmark of the Hampton by Hilton experience. The hotel's proximity to Blackpool's main attractions, including Pleasure Beach and Sandcastle Waterpark, makes it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. With its blend of modernity, convenience, and attentive service, Hampton by Hilton Blackpool stands out as a top choice for a refined stay in this vibrant seaside town.£59
3The Grand Hotel BlackpoolThe Grand Hotel Blackpool, located on Blackpool's North Promenade, offers guests a blend of traditional charm and modern comfort. This hotel is known for its stunning sea views and elegant Victorian architecture, creating a sense of grandeur and history. Guests can enjoy a range of amenities including an indoor health club with a swimming pool, perfect for relaxation after a day of exploring the town. The hotel's rooms are designed for comfort, combining classic decor with contemporary facilities. Dining at The Grand Hotel is a delightful experience, with options ranging from casual to fine dining, all complemented by beautiful seaside vistas. Ideal for both leisure and business travelers, this hotel provides a serene escape with easy access to Blackpool's famous attractions, making it a splendid choice for those seeking a touch of luxury in their stay.£42
4The Central HavenThe Central Haven offers a practical and budget-friendly accommodation option right in the heart of Blackpool. Known for its excellent central location, this hotel is a perfect choice for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere of Blackpool. Situated just a short walk from key attractions like the Blackpool Tower and Winter Gardens, it provides easy access to the town's entertainment and shopping areas. The hotel features basic but comfortable rooms, catering to guests who prioritize convenience and affordability. Although amenities are modest, the warm hospitality and unbeatable location make The Central Haven an ideal stay for those wanting to experience the best of Blackpool without stretching their budget.£62
5Budget BoutiqueBudget Boutique in Blackpool redefines the affordable hotel experience by blending unique boutique charm with budget-friendly pricing. Each room in this quaint hotel is individually styled, offering guests a one-of-a-kind stay with an array of thematic designs and decor. Despite its boutique nature, the hotel remains accessible to all types of travelers, providing a cozy and intimate atmosphere that sets it apart from standard accommodations. Located conveniently to enjoy Blackpool's attractions, Budget Boutique is perfect for those seeking a distinctive and personal lodging experience without the high price tag of typical boutique hotels. It's an ideal choice for travelers who value character, comfort, and affordability in their accommodation.£65
6Big Blue HotelThe Big Blue Hotel in Blackpool is a modern, family-friendly hotel that provides an exceptional stay right next to the famous Pleasure Beach. Known for its sleek design and contemporary amenities, this hotel is particularly popular with families and thrill-seekers due to its direct access to one of the UK's most renowned amusement parks. The rooms are stylish and comfortable, with family rooms offering additional features like bunk beds and game consoles for children. Guests can enjoy a range of facilities, including a well-equipped fitness center and an on-site restaurant serving delicious meals. The Big Blue Hotel combines convenience, comfort, and modern style, making it an ideal choice for those looking to experience the excitement of Blackpool's Pleasure Beach and the comfort of a high-quality hotel stay.£57
7Forshaws Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western Forshaws Hotel, part of the Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western, presents a harmonious blend of comfort and reliability in Blackpool. This hotel stands out for its modern amenities and consistent quality, synonymous with the Best Western brand. Ideally located, it offers easy access to Blackpool’s key attractions, making it a convenient choice for both leisure and business travelers. The rooms are thoughtfully designed, combining contemporary style with practicality to ensure a pleasant stay. Guests can expect a range of facilities including free Wi-Fi, on-site dining options, and well-equipped meeting rooms. Forshaws Hotel is an excellent choice for those seeking dependable and comfortable accommodation, backed by the assurance of a renowned hotel brand.£36
8Savoy Blackpool HotelThe Savoy Blackpool Hotel, nestled on the Queen's Promenade, offers guests a glimpse into the classic charm of Blackpool's bygone era. This hotel is known for its distinctive, historical character and splendid seafront views. While the decor and ambiance reflect its rich heritage, the rooms provide essential modern comforts, suitable for both leisure and budget-conscious travelers. The hotel features an on-site restaurant and bar, where guests can enjoy meals and drinks with a view of the Irish Sea. Despite needing some modern touches, the Savoy Blackpool Hotel remains a favorite for those who appreciate the allure of traditional British seaside hotels. Its affordable rates and prime location make it an appealing choice for visitors looking to experience the nostalgia and scenic beauty of Blackpool.£39
9Coastal Bay HotelThe Coastal Bay Hotel in Blackpool is a charming and intimate accommodation choice, ideally situated close to the beach. This hotel stands out for its cozy and personal atmosphere, making it particularly appealing for couples and small families. The rooms are comfortably furnished, offering a homely feel that adds to the overall experience of a seaside getaway. A notable feature of the hotel is its proximity to the beach, allowing guests to enjoy serene sea views and easy access to the shoreline. The on-site dining provides delightful meal options, further enhancing the stay. The Coastal Bay Hotel is a perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful, budget-friendly retreat near the beach, combining comfort and convenience in a quaint setting.£48
10The Imperial HotelThe Imperial Hotel in Blackpool is a beacon of historical elegance and luxury, boasting a majestic Victorian façade and a prime location on the North Promenade. Renowned for its rich heritage and classic British charm, the hotel invites guests to step back in time while enjoying modern comforts. It features opulent interiors, with rooms that combine period elegance with contemporary amenities. Guests can indulge in a range of luxurious facilities, including a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and a sauna. The hotel's dining experience is equally refined, offering exquisite cuisine in a sumptuous setting. Ideal for guests seeking a sophisticated stay, The Imperial Hotel is not just a place to sleep but a part of Blackpool's storied history, providing a unique and memorable experience.£54

In the heart of Blackpool, where the energy of the Promenade buzzes and the iconic Blackpool Tower looms, affordable accommodation options abound. Whether planning a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, Blackpool offers a range of hotels that cater to your needs without stretching your budget. There’s a perfect spot for everyone, from cosy inns near the Pleasure Beach to budget-friendly hotels in the bustling centre.

Our focus is on finding you that perfect blend of affordability and quality. We believe that a cheap hotel in Blackpool can still provide a memorable stay, complete with the amenities and comfort you deserve. In this guide, we dive deep into the world of budget-friendly hotels in Blackpool, bringing you a selection of the top accommodations that promise value without skimping on the experiences that make Blackpool so unique.

Join us as we explore the top cheap hotel options in Blackpool, where affordability meets quality, ensuring your stay is as enjoyable as it is economical. Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or a hotel right in the heart of the action, our guide will help you discover Blackpool’s best cheap hotel rooms. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Blackpool, confident that you’ve secured a great deal on your accommodation. Let’s embark on this journey to find your perfect, budget-friendly home away from home in Blackpool!

Exploring Blackpool on a Budget

The Charm of Blackpool

Blackpool, a coastal gem in the North West of England, is a testament to classic British seaside charm blended with contemporary entertainment. Known for its historic Pleasure Beach, the iconic Blackpool Tower, and the dazzling Illuminations, this town is a bustling hub of amusement and heritage. Visitors can stroll along the lively Promenade, bask in the glitz of the Blackpool Ballroom, or indulge in traditional seaside pleasures like donkey rides and fish and chips. Families, couples, and solo travellers are drawn to its sandy beaches and attractions each year, making Blackpool a perennial favourite for UK holidaymakers.

The town’s appeal extends beyond its tourist spots; the vibrant festivals, the cultural events, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere truly encapsulate Blackpool’s essence. From the thrilling rides at Pleasure Beach to the serene beauty of Stanley Park and the cultural immersion at the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool offers a rich tapestry of experiences. It’s a place where every visit creates lasting memories, a town that combines the nostalgia of a traditional British seaside holiday with the excitement of modern attractions.

The Value of Affordable Travel

The allure of Blackpool is undeniable, but what makes it even more appealing is its accessibility to travellers on a budget. The value of finding cost-effective hotels in this lively town cannot be overstated. Affordable travel ensures that the joys of Blackpool are within reach for everyone, from families looking for a fun-filled holiday to solo travellers seeking a coastal escape.

Choosing a cheap hotel in Blackpool doesn’t mean sacrificing quality; it means smart travel. Budget-friendly accommodation allows visitors to allocate more resources to experiences – enjoying more rides at the Pleasure Beach, exploring the local culinary scene, or attending one of Blackpool’s many events and festivals. It’s about making the most of every pound spent, ensuring that the focus remains on creating unforgettable experiences rather than worrying about overspending on lodging.

The town’s affordable hotels, guest houses, and B&Bs mean visitors have many options. Whether it’s a cheap hotel in the centre of Blackpool, offering easy access to attractions, or a quieter, cost-effective option on the outskirts, there’s something for every preference and budget. These accommodations often provide a warm, personal touch, making your stay comfortable and memorable.

In summary, Blackpool’s charm and the value of affordable travel go hand-in-hand. By choosing budget-friendly accommodation, visitors can enjoy all that this vibrant town has to offer without the burden of excessive costs, ensuring a delightful and economical getaway.

Top 10 Cheap Hotels in Blackpool – An In-Depth Look

Criteria for Our Top 10

When selecting the top 10 cheap hotels in Blackpool, our criteria are meticulous and multifaceted, ensuring that we recommend only the best for your stay. These criteria encompass:

  1. Price: Fundamental to our selection, we’ve focused on hotels that offer competitive and affordable rates, ensuring value for money.
  2. Location: The location of each hotel is crucial. We’ve considered properties that provide easy access to Blackpool’s main attractions, such as the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower, and the Promenade while offering a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle.
  3. Amenities: A hotel’s amenities significantly impact the comfort and convenience of your stay. We’ve looked for hotels that offer essential amenities such as free Wi-Fi, on-site dining options, and en-suite facilities, even at a lower cost.
  4. Customer Reviews: Guest feedback is invaluable. We’ve analyzed customer reviews for insights into the quality of service, cleanliness, hospitality, and overall guest experience. Hotels in our list have consistently high ratings and positive testimonials.
  5. Overall Experience: Beyond the tangibles, we’ve considered the overall experience offered by these hotels – the charm, the warmth of the staff, and the homely atmosphere that can turn a simple stay into a memorable part of your Blackpool visit.

The Top 10 List

Based on our thorough criteria, here is our list of the top 10 cheap hotels in Blackpool, each offering a unique blend of value, comfort, and convenience:

  1. Village Hotel Blackpool: Ideal for families, this hotel is a stone’s throw away from the Pleasure Beach, offering spacious family rooms and a hearty English breakfast.
  2. Hampton by Hilton Blackpool: As the name suggests, it offers stunning views of the Blackpool Tower, cosy rooms and an inviting on-site pub.
  3. The Grand Hotel Blackpool: Located right on the Promenade, this hotel is perfect for those who want to wake up to the sound of the waves and enjoy easy beach access.
  4. The Central Haven: Situated in the heart of Blackpool, this hotel provides quick access to local attractions, shopping, and dining, all at an affordable price.
  5. The Imperial Hotel: A favourite for family stays, offering large, interconnected rooms and a play area for children, not far from the Blackpool Zoo.
  6. Budget Boutique: This hotel combines affordability with a boutique experience, featuring uniquely decorated rooms and a charming café.
  7. Big Blue Hotel: Located on the outskirts of Blackpool, this option is perfect for those seeking a quieter stay, with beautiful gardens and relaxing rooms.
  8. Forshaws Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western: A hotel with a touch of history, offering an immersive experience in a beautifully preserved Victorian building.
  9. Savoy Blackpool Hotel: An ideal spot for thrill-seekers, this hotel is moments away from Blackpool’s famous Pleasure Beach, with comfortable, well-equipped rooms.
  10. Coastal Bay Hotel: A modern, budget-friendly hotel in the city centre, offering a sleek design, comfortable beds, and a convenient location for exploring the town.

Each of these hotels has been selected for its ability to provide a pleasant stay at an affordable price, ensuring that your visit to Blackpool is enjoyable and economical.

Detailed Breakdown of Each Hotel

1. Village Hotel Blackpool

Village Hotel Blackpool

Pros and Cons

  • Diverse Amenities: The Village Hotel boasts many amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, gym, and spa catering to relaxation and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Family-Friendly: With spacious family rooms and facilities, it’s ideal for family stays.
  • Dining Options: The hotel features an on-site restaurant and bar, offering convenience and quality dining experiences.
  • Location: Situated in a serene area of Blackpool, it provides a peaceful retreat while still being accessible to major attractions.
  • Distance from Central Attractions: Being a bit away from the central tourist areas, guests might need to travel a bit to reach the heart of Blackpool.
  • Price Point: Compared to other budget options, it might be slightly pricier due to its extensive amenities.

Features and Amenities

  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • State-of-the-Art Gym
  • Spa Facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On-site Restaurant and Bar
  • Spacious Family Rooms
  • Meeting and Conference Facilities
  • Free Parking
  • 24-Hour Reception

Price Range

Prices vary depending on the season and room type, but the cost per night generally ranges from moderate to slightly above average for Blackpool standards. Expect to pay a bit more for the added amenities and comfort.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “A Relaxing Stay”: “We loved the pool and spa facilities! It was a peaceful break from the busy Blackpool promenade. A bit of travel to get to the town centre, but worth it for the tranquillity.”
  2. “Perfect for Families”: “Our family had a great time. The kids enjoyed the pool, and the family room was spacious and comfortable. The staff were very accommodating and friendly.”
  3. “Great Dining Experience”: “The on-site restaurant offered delicious meals, and the bar was a great place to unwind in the evening. A bit pricier than other hotels we’ve stayed at in Blackpool, but the amenities made it worthwhile.”
  4. “Pleasant and Quiet”: “A nice change from the usual bustling Blackpool hotels. It’s a bit out of the way, but the quiet and calm environment was exactly what we sought.”

2. Hampton by Hilton Blackpool

Hampton by Hilton Blackpool

Pros and Cons

  • Prime Location: Situated on the South Promenade, the hotel offers easy access to Blackpool’s main attractions, including the Pleasure Beach and Sandcastle Waterpark.
  • Modern Facilities: Known for its modern and clean facilities, providing a comfortable and contemporary stay.
  • Complimentary Breakfast: Guests enjoy a complimentary hot breakfast, adding value to their stay.
  • Sea Views: Many rooms offer beautiful sea views, enhancing the guest experience.
  • Parking Challenges: Limited on-site parking can be an issue, with guests sometimes needing alternative parking solutions.
  • Higher Price Point: Relative to other budget options in Blackpool, it can be on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Busy Location: Being in a popular area, it can get quite busy, especially during peak season, which might not suit those looking for a quieter stay.

Features and Amenities

  • Complimentary Hot Breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fitness Centre
  • Business Centre
  • On-site Bar
  • Air-Conditioned Rooms
  • Flat-Screen TVs in Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • 24-Hour Front Desk

Price Range

The pricing is generally moderate to slightly higher, particularly during peak tourist seasons. However, the modern amenities and location justify the price for many travellers.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Stunning Sea Views”: “Our room had an incredible sea view – it was the highlight of our stay! A bit pricey compared to other places but worth it for the views and modern facilities.”
  2. “Great Location and Breakfast”: “Loved the proximity to the attractions and the Beach. The complimentary breakfast was delicious and a great start to our day. I had some issues with parking, but overall, it was a fantastic stay.”
  3. “Modern and Clean”: “Impressed with the cleanliness and modernity of the hotel. It’s a bit more than I’d usually spend, but the experience was top-notch.”
  4. “Perfect for Pleasure Beach”: “Ideal location for visiting Pleasure Beach. The hotel can get busy, but the service was still excellent. Highly recommend for families visiting Blackpool.”

3. The Grand Hotel Blackpool

The Grand Hotel Blackpool

Pros and Cons

  • Scenic Location: Located on Blackpool’s North Promenade, the hotel offers stunning views of the Irish Sea, making it a picturesque choice for visitors.
  • Leisure Facilities: The hotel boasts impressive leisure facilities, including an indoor pool and a fitness centre, catering to guests looking for relaxation and exercise options.
  • Spacious Rooms: Guests often praise the size of the rooms, which are larger than average and provide comfort for families and groups.
  • Diverse Dining Options: With an on-site restaurant and bar, the hotel offers a variety of dining experiences.
  • Slightly Dated Decor: Some guests have noted that some hotel regions could benefit from modernization or refurbishment.
  • Variable Service Quality: There have been occasional reports of inconsistent service, which may affect the overall guest experience.
  • Parking Availability: As with many hotels in popular areas, parking can be limited and might come at an additional cost.

Features and Amenities

  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Centre and Sauna
  • On-site Restaurant and Bar
  • Free Wi-Fi in Public Areas
  • Room Service
  • Meeting and Banquet Facilities
  • Pet-Friendly Accommodation
  • 24-Hour Front Desk
  • Sea View Rooms Available

Price Range

The price range for The Grand Hotel Blackpool tends to be moderate, offering reasonable rates that reflect its amenities and location. Prices may vary based on the season and room type.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Stunning Sea Views”: “The sea view from our room was breathtaking. The room was spacious and comfortable, though a modern touch would be nice. Good value for money overall.”
  2. “Enjoyable Leisure Facilities”: “We enjoyed the indoor pool and fitness centre. It greatly increased our stay, especially on rainy days when outdoor activities were limited.”
  3. “Needs Some Updating”: “The hotel has a charming vibe, but some areas could use refurbishment. Despite that, our family stay was comfortable, and the staff were friendly.”
  4. “Inconsistent Service”: “While we loved the location and the views, the service was hit and miss. Some staff were accommodating, while others seemed disinterested.”

4. The Central Haven

The Central Haven

Pros and Cons

  • Prime Central Location: Situated in the heart of Blackpool, The Central Haven offers easy access to major attractions like the Blackpool Tower, Winter Gardens, and the Beach.
  • Affordability: Known for its budget-friendly pricing, making it an ideal choice for cost-conscious travellers.
  • Basic but Comfortable: While the amenities are basic, they cover all the essential needs for a comfortable stay.
  • Friendly Staff: Guests often praise the warm and welcoming staff, adding a personal touch to the stay.
  • Simplicity: The hotel is basic and lacks luxury amenities, which might not appeal to those seeking a more upscale experience.
  • Limited On-site Facilities: The Central Haven focuses more on accommodation and less on additional facilities like a gym or spa.
  • Noise Levels: Some guests might experience noise from the surrounding nightlife due to its central location, especially during busy seasons.

Features and Amenities

  • Basic but clean rooms
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Reception area
  • Proximity to public transportation
  • Various room types to accommodate singles, couples, and families

Price Range

The Central Haven is known for its very affordable pricing. It’s one of the more economically priced hotels in Blackpool, with prices varying slightly based on the season and room type but generally staying within a budget-friendly range.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Great Value in the Heart of Blackpool”: “If you’re looking for a no-frills, affordable place to stay, this is perfect. Right in the middle, the staff were so friendly and helpful.”
  2. “Simple but Sufficient”: “The rooms are basic but clean and comfortable. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s excellent value for the price. The central location is fantastic for exploring the town.”
  3. “Ideal for Budget Travellers”: “As a budget traveller, I found The Central Haven perfect for my needs. It’s simple, but I had everything I needed for a comfortable stay. The proximity to attractions is a huge plus.”
  4. “A Bit Noisy but Worth It “: “There was some noise from the street at night, but that’s expected given its central location. The convenience of being close to everything made up for it.”

5. The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel

Pros and Cons

  • Historic Charm: The Imperial Hotel is known for its rich history and Victorian architecture, offering a unique and charming experience.
  • Scenic Location: The hotel boasts beautiful sea views and a tranquil setting on the North Promenade.
  • Luxurious Amenities: Includes a spa, sauna, and an indoor pool, providing guests a luxurious experience.
  • Quality Dining: The on-site restaurant and bar serve high-quality cuisine, enhancing the overall stay.
  • Higher Price Point: Reflecting its amenities and historical significance, the hotel tends to be pricier than standard budget options in Blackpool.
  • Slightly Dated Rooms: Some guests feel that certain rooms could benefit from modernization to match the hotel’s grandeur.
  • Parking Limitations: Limited parking availability can be a concern, especially during peak seasons.

Features and Amenities

  • Victorian Architecture and Historic Charm
  • Spa and Wellness Centre
  • Indoor Swimming Pool and Sauna
  • On-site Restaurant and Bar
  • Free Wi-Fi in Public Areas
  • Elegant Rooms with Period Features
  • Meeting and Banquet Facilities
  • 24-Hour Front Desk
  • Sea View and Standard Rooms Available

Price Range

The Imperial Hotel is in the moderate to high price range, reflecting its luxury amenities and historic significance. Prices vary depending on the season and room choice.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “A Step Back in Time”: “Staying at The Imperial Hotel feels like stepping back into a grander era. The history and charm of the place are incredible. It’s a bit more expensive, but for a special occasion, it’s worth it.”
  2. “Relaxing Spa Experience”: “The spa facilities are fantastic. The sea view was relaxing and added to the serene experience. A perfect place to unwind.”
  3. “Needs Some Modern Touches”: “While the historic charm is undeniable, some of the rooms could use a bit of updating. However, the overall experience was still very luxurious and enjoyable.”
  4. “Dining with a View”: “The restaurant was excellent, both in terms of food quality and the stunning sea views. It’s a bit pricier but offers a true taste of luxury in Blackpool.”

6. Budget Boutique

Budget Boutique

Pros and Cons

  • Unique Boutique Experience: This hotel offers a stylish and distinctive boutique hotel experience, standing out from standard budget accommodations with its personalized and chic decor.
  • Central Location: Ideally situated for exploring Blackpool, close to major attractions and public transport links.
  • Affordable Luxury: Provides a sense of luxury and individuality without the high price tag usually associated with boutique hotels.
  • Attentive Service: Guests often praise the personalized and attentive service provided by the staff.
  • Limited Amenities: As a boutique hotel, it might not offer the range of amenities found in larger chain hotels, such as fitness centres or swimming pools.
  • Smaller Size: Rooms and common areas might be smaller than those in traditional hotels, which is typical of boutique properties.
  • Limited Parking: Parking availability can be a challenge, which is common in central Blackpool locations.

Features and Amenities

  • Unique and Stylish Decor
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • En-suite Bathrooms
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Breakfast Options
  • Close Proximity to Attractions
  • Personalized Guest Service
  • Comfortable Lounge Area

Price Range

Budget Boutique is priced affordably, especially considering its boutique nature. Prices are competitive with standard budget hotels in Blackpool, offering good value for a unique experience.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Charming and Unique”: “Loved the unique charm of this hotel! Each room has its character, and the attention to detail is fantastic. A boutique experience without the hefty price tag.”
  2. “Warm and Welcoming Staff”: “The staff made our stay extra special. They were always on hand to help and made us feel right at home. The room was cosy and beautifully decorated.”
  3. “Great Location for Exploring”: “The location is perfect for exploring Blackpool. Everything is within walking distance, and the hotel’s ambience is welcoming after a long day out.”
  4. “Small but Perfectly Formed”: “The room was a bit smaller than I’m used to, but it had everything we needed and was styled beautifully. It’s a great choice if you want something different from the budget hotels.”

7. Big Blue Hotel

Big Blue Hotel

Pros and Cons

  • Ideal Location: Adjacent to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, making it perfect for visitors looking to enjoy the amusement park.
  • Modern and Stylish Rooms: The hotel boasts contemporary and well-equipped rooms, enhancing guests’ comfort.
  • Family-Friendly: Offers family rooms and amenities, including a children’s menu in the restaurant and proximity to family-oriented attractions.
  • On-Site Dining: Features a quality restaurant and bar, providing convenient and enjoyable dining options.
  • Price Point: Due to its modern amenities and prime location, it may be slightly more expensive than other budget options in Blackpool.
    Popularity: Its proximity to Pleasure Beach means it can be pretty busy, particularly during peak times and school holidays.
    Limited Parking: As with many famous hotels, parking can be competitive and might incur an additional charge.

Features and Amenities

  • Direct Access to Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Modern Rooms with Flat-Screen TVs
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On-Site Restaurant and Bar
  • Family Rooms Available
  • Fitness Centre
  • Room Service
  • Meeting and Banquet Facilities
  • Air Conditioning

Price Range

The Big Blue Hotel is positioned in the moderate price range, slightly above average due to its modern facilities and prime location. Prices vary depending on the time of year and room type.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Perfect for Pleasure Beach”: “Ideal location for visiting Pleasure Beach, literally a stone’s throw away. The rooms were modern and comfortable, worth the extra cost for the convenience.”
  2. “Family-Friendly and Comfortable”: “Our family had a great stay. The kids loved being close to the amusement park, and the family rooms were spacious and well thought out.”
  3. “Busy but Brilliant”: “The hotel was quite busy, probably due to its location, but the service didn’t suffer. Everyone was helpful and friendly, and the dining experience was great.”
  4. “A Bit Pricier, But Worth It “: “It’s a tad more expensive than other places we considered, but the modern amenities and location made it worth the extra. Very comfortable and enjoyable stay.”

8. Forshaws Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western

Forshaws Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western

Pros and Cons

  • Brand Assurance: Being part of the Best Western group, guests can expect a certain standard of quality and service.
  • Location: Conveniently located near major Blackpool attractions, making it ideal for tourists.
  • Value for Money: Offers competitive pricing with good quality amenities, balancing affordability and comfort.
  • Facilities: Well-equipped for leisure and business travellers, with Wi-Fi and meeting rooms.
  • Standardized Experience: Some guests might find the hotel lacks the unique charm of independent boutique hotels in Blackpool.
  • Parking Constraints: Limited parking space can be an issue, a common challenge in busy tourist areas.
  • Room Variability: As with many hotels, room quality and views can vary, potentially affecting the consistency of guest experiences.

Features and Amenities

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On-Site Restaurant and Bar
  • Meeting and Conference Facilities
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • 24-Hour Front Desk
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Flat-Screen TV in Rooms
  • Tea and Coffee-Making Facilities
  • Access to Nearby Leisure Facilities

Price Range

The price range for Forshaws Hotel is generally moderate. It offers reasonable rates considering its brand reputation and location, varying prices based on season and room type.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Consistent Quality”: “You know what to expect with Best Western, and Forshaws Hotel didn’t disappoint. Comfortable rooms and good service, all at a reasonable price.”
  2. “Great Location for Exploring Blackpool”: “We loved the hotel’s proximity to all the attractions. It made our trip so much easier. The room was standard but clean and comfortable.”
  3. “Good Value, Basic Amenities”: “The hotel offered all the basic amenities we needed for our stay. Nothing fancy, but good value for the money we paid.”
  4. “Limited Parking, but Manageable”: “Finding parking was a bit of a hassle, but that’s expected in Blackpool. The staff helped suggest alternative options.”

9. Savoy Blackpool Hotel

Savoy Blackpool Hotel

Pros and Cons

  • Historic Character: The Savoy Blackpool Hotel boasts a rich history and traditional British charm, appealing to those who appreciate a classic hotel experience.
  • Seafront Location: Situated on the Queen’s Promenade, the hotel offers stunning sea views and easy access to the Beach.
  • Dining Options: Features an on-site restaurant and bar, providing guests with convenient and varied dining experiences.
  • Affordable Rates: Known for offering competitive prices, making it a good choice for budget-conscious travellers.
  • Need for Modernization: Some areas of the hotel need updating, as guests have noted the decor and facilities can appear dated.
  • Inconsistent Service: There have been mixed reviews regarding the level of service, which may vary.
  • Parking Limitations: Like many hotels in popular areas, parking can be limited and challenging during peak times.

Features and Amenities

  • Seafront Views
  • On-Site Restaurant and Bar
  • Free Wi-Fi in Public Areas
  • Meeting and Event Facilities
  • 24-Hour Front Desk
  • Room Service
  • Tea and Coffee Making Facilities in Rooms
  • Pet-Friendly Options

Price Range

The Savoy Blackpool Hotel typically falls into a budget to moderate price range, offering reasonable rates, especially considering its seafront location. Prices may fluctuate depending on the season and room type.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Charming Seafront Stay“: “The hotel’s location on the seafront was fantastic. Loved the views and the overall historic charm of the place. It could use some modern touches, but overall, a good value for the price.”
  2. “Enjoyable Dining Experience”: “We enjoyed the on-site restaurant’s meals. The bar had a cosy atmosphere, perfect for relaxing in the evening.”
  3. “Mixed Service Experiences”: “Our experience with the hotel staff was a bit hit and miss. Some were very helpful, while others seemed less engaged.”
  4. “Budget-Friendly Choice”: “The stay was quite satisfactory for the price we paid. It’s not a luxury hotel, but for a budget-friendly trip, it met our needs.”

10. Coastal Bay Hotel

Coastal Bay Hotel

Pros and Cons

  • Scenic Location: Ideally situated near the Beach, it offers guests beautiful coastal views and easy access to the seafront.
  • Intimate and Personal Atmosphere: Coastal Bay provides a more intimate and personalized guest experience as a smaller hotel.
  • Affordable Pricing: Known for its budget-friendly rates, making it an excellent choice for cost-conscious travellers.
  • Quality Dining Options: The hotel is appreciated for its quality on-site dining, offering delicious meals convenient for guests.
  • Limited Amenities: A smaller establishment may lack the extensive amenities of larger hotels, such as a gym or spa.
  • Room Variability: Some guests have noted variability in room sizes and views, which can affect overall satisfaction.
  • Parking Challenges: Limited parking availability is a common issue, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Features and Amenities

  • Close Proximity to the Beach
  • On-Site Restaurant and Bar
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • En-suite bathrooms in All Rooms
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Breakfast Options Available
  • Family Rooms

Price Range

Coastal Bay Hotel typically falls into the budget-friendly category, offering competitively priced accommodations for its location and amenities. Prices may vary slightly based on the time of year and specific room requirements.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Delightful Beachside Location”: “The proximity to the Beach was fantastic. We enjoyed morning walks along the seafront. The hotel itself is quaint and offers good value for money.”
  2. “Cosy and Welcoming”: “A smaller hotel with many charms. The staff were friendly and made us feel right at home. The room was compact but comfortable and clean.”
  3. “Great Dining Experience”: “We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food at the hotel’s restaurant. It was convenient and tasty, adding to the overall positive experience.”
  4. “Parking Can Be Tricky”: “We struggled a bit with parking as the hotel doesn’t have a lot of spaces. It’s understandable given the location, but something to be aware of.”

Comparing Locations and Convenience

Hotels in the Heart of Blackpool

Staying in the heart of Blackpool offers an immersive experience in the town’s vibrant energy and easy access to its most famous attractions. Hotels in central Blackpool, such as The Central Haven and The Tower View Inn, are ideally positioned for those who want to be amidst all the action.

These central hotels are just a stone’s throw away from iconic landmarks like the Blackpool Tower, the Winter Gardens, and the Grand Theatre, making them perfect for culture and entertainment enthusiasts. Visitors in this area can easily stroll to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon for a thrilling adventure or enjoy a leisurely walk along the bustling Promenade, lined with numerous shops, cafes, and arcades.

The proximity to Blackpool North railway station is another advantage, offering convenient transport links for exploring beyond the town. Moreover, being in the central area means many dining options, from traditional fish and chips to upscale dining experiences.

However, it’s essential to consider that staying in the town centre can sometimes mean a bit more noise and hustle, especially during peak tourist seasons. But for those looking to soak up Blackpool’s lively atmosphere and have easy access to various attractions, central Blackpool hotels are an excellent choice.

Hotels Near Pleasure Beach and Other Attractions

For those keen on theme park thrills or a more family-oriented stay, hotels near Blackpool Pleasure Beach and other attractions offer a convenient base. Establishments like the Big Blue Hotel and Pleasure Beach Base provide proximity to Pleasure Beach and easy access to Sandcastle Waterpark and the South Pier.

These hotels are ideal for families and thrill-seekers, allowing quick and easy access to a day of fun-filled activities without the hassle of long commutes. After enjoying the rollercoasters and attractions, guests can retreat to their nearby hotel to relax and rejuvenate.

Additionally, this area tends to be quieter than the central town, offering a more relaxed atmosphere while still within reach of Blackpool’s other attractions. The South Shore area also has its share of restaurants and shops, ensuring guests have various options.

Choosing a hotel near Pleasure Beach often means prioritizing convenience for specific attractions, especially for families and those looking to maximize their time at the amusement parks. These locations offer the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Special Features – What Sets These Hotels Apart

Each hotel in Blackpool has its unique charm and set of features that cater to different preferences and needs. Here, we explore some distinctive offerings that set these hotels apart, making them more than just a place to stay.

  1. Village Hotel Blackpool: This hotel stands out with its extensive leisure facilities, including an 18-hole golf course, an outdoor swimming pool, and a spa. It’s a haven for those looking to combine relaxation with activities.
  2. Hampton by Hilton Blackpool: The panoramic sea views from many of its rooms are highlighted here. The hotel also offers a fitness centre and is known for its sumptuous complimentary breakfast, adding value to your stay.
  3. The Imperial Hotel: Steeped in history, it offers a journey into the past with its Victorian architecture and decor. Its health club, including a heated indoor pool and a sauna, adds a touch of luxury.
  4. Big Blue Hotel: Perfect for families, this hotel offers rooms with views of the Pleasure Beach and direct access to the park. The family rooms include bunk beds and game consoles, making them a hit with children.
  5. Savoy Blackpool Hotel: With its grand ballroom and live entertainment, the Savoy offers a taste of traditional Blackpool glamour. The seafront views and elegant afternoon teas add to its appeal.
  6. Budget Boutique: This hotel’s unique selling point is its boutique experience with individually styled rooms, each offering a different theme. It’s a blend of character, comfort, and affordability.
  7. Forshaws Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western: This hotel offers the reliability and standards of the Best Western brand, with modern rooms and amenities suited for both leisure and business travellers.
  8. Coastal Bay Hotel: Its intimate setting and proximity to the Beach make it ideal for romantic getaways. The hotel’s charm lies in its smaller scale and personal touch, offering a cosy retreat.
  9. The Central Haven: Located in the bustling heart of Blackpool, this hotel is perfect for those who want to be close to the nightlife and entertainment, offering basic but comfortable accommodations at a very affordable price.
  10. The Grand Hotel Blackpool: Known for its indoor health club and swimming pool, this hotel provides a relaxing escape. The sea view rooms and on-site dining also add to its appeal for a comfortable stay.

Each of these hotels offers something unique regarding their amenities, location, or the fantastic experiences they provide. Whether you’re looking for family fun, luxury, or a cosy boutique experience, Blackpool’s hotels have something to suit every traveller.

Understanding Pricing – Getting the Best Deals

Seasonal Pricing Trends

In Blackpool, as in many popular tourist destinations, hotel prices vary significantly depending on the season. Understanding these trends is critical to securing the best deals.

  1. Peak Season (Late Spring to Early Autumn): During this period, especially around school holidays and public events, hotel prices tend to be at their highest due to increased demand. Attractions like the Blackpool Illuminations in autumn also contribute to higher rates.
  2. Off-Peak Season (Late Autumn to Early Spring): This is when you’ll find some of the best hotel deals. The cooler weather and fewer tourists result in lower prices, making it an excellent time for budget-conscious travellers. However, remember that some attractions might be closed or have limited hours during this period.
  3. Special Events and Holidays: Hotel prices can spike during special events like the Blackpool Air Show or significant holidays. It’s advisable to book well in advance if your visit coincides with these events.
  4. Midweek vs. Weekend Stays: Generally, staying in Blackpool from Sunday to Thursday is cheaper compared to weekends, when prices often increase due to higher demand.

Tips for Economical Booking

  1. Book in Advance: Especially during peak seasons, early booking can secure better rates. Hotels often offer early bird discounts for those who plan.
  2. Use Price Comparison Websites: Utilize online travel and price comparison websites to find the best deals. These platforms often have special offers and discounts not available elsewhere.
  3. Consider Package Deals: Look for package deals that include hotel stays, meals, and even tickets to attractions. These can offer significant savings compared to booking each element separately.
  4. Sign Up for Alerts and Newsletters: Many hotels and booking platforms offer special deals to subscribers. Signing up for alerts can give you access to exclusive discounts.
  5. Be Flexible with Your Dates: If possible, be flexible with your travel dates. Shifting your stay by even a day or two can sometimes lead to substantial savings.
  6. Check for Last-Minute Deals: If you’re flexible, last-minute bookings can also lead to discounts, as hotels reduce prices to fill rooms.
  7. Loyalty Programs: If you frequently visit Blackpool, consider joining loyalty programs of hotels or booking platforms. These can offer perks like discounted rates, room upgrades, and other benefits over time.
  8. Contact Hotels Directly: Sometimes, calling the hotel directly can yield better rates than those found online, especially for last-minute bookings.

By understanding seasonal trends and utilizing these booking strategies, travellers can make the most of their budget and enjoy everything Blackpool offers at a more affordable price.

Customer Perspectives – Real Testimonials

What Guests Are Saying

In this section, we delve into real testimonials from guests who have stayed at various Blackpool hotels, offering a glimpse into their experiences. These insights can be precious for potential visitors in making informed choices.

1. Village Hotel Blackpool

Rating: 4.2/5
Testimonial: “Our family weekend at the Village Hotel was remarkable. The kids loved the outdoor pool, and the golf course was a serene escape. The room was spacious, and the breakfast buffet was a delight. It’s a bit away from the main strip, but the tranquillity was worth it.”

2. Hampton by Hilton Blackpool

Rating: 4.4/5
Testimonial: “Waking up to the sea view at Hampton by Hilton was a real treat. The rooms are modern, and the complimentary breakfast was beyond expectations. It’s a little pricier, but it’s a great deal for the quality and location.”

3. The Imperial Hotel

Rating: 4.0/5
Testimonial: “The Imperial exudes historical charm. We loved the elegant decor and the wellness facilities. The staff were attentive, making our stay special. The rooms could use some updating, but overall, it was a delightful experience.”

4. Big Blue Hotel

Rating: 4.5/5
Testimonial: “Ideal for families visiting Pleasure Beach. The direct park access was a huge plus. The rooms are contemporary and comfortable, and the kids’ entertainment options were appreciated. A bit busy, but it’s to be expected with such a prime location.”

5. Savoy Blackpool Hotel

Rating: 3.5/5
Testimonial: “The Savoy has a certain old-world charm with fantastic sea views. The dining was good, though the hotel itself feels a bit dated. It’s great for those on a budget who still want a seafront location.”

6. Budget Boutique

Rating: 4.3/5
Testimonial: “A unique boutique experience. Each room has its flair, and the atmosphere is intimate. It’s affordably priced for such a unique stay. Perfect for those wanting something different from standard hotels.”

7. Forshaws Hotel, Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western

Rating: 4.1/5
Testimonial: “Forshaws offers the consistency and comfort you expect from Best Western. The rooms are modern and clean, and the staff is helpful. It’s a straightforward, pleasant stay without any fuss.”

8. Coastal Bay Hotel

Rating: 4.2/5
Testimonial: “The Coastal Bay Hotel is a gem. Its proximity to the Beach made our stay memorable. The rooms are cosy, and the service is personal. A great choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway.”

9. The Central Haven

Rating: 3.8/5
Testimonial: “If you’re after a no-frills, budget-friendly stay in the heart of Blackpool, The Central Haven is ideal. The amenities are basic, but the location is unbeatable. Perfect for a short stay.”

10. The Grand Hotel Blackpool

Rating: 4.0/5
Testimonial: “The Grand Hotel offers a mix of relaxation with its health club and stunning views of the Irish Sea. The room was comfortable, and the dining options were varied. A good choice for a relaxing stay.”

These testimonials and ratings offer a snapshot of guest experiences, highlighting the unique aspects of each hotel. From family-friendly amenities and historic charm to boutique experiences and beachfront locations, each hotel in Blackpool offers something unique, catering to a wide range of preferences and expectations.

Making Your Choice – How to Book Your Stay

Booking Channels and Tips

Booking the perfect Blackpool hotel is easier with various online channels and strategies to ensure you get the best rates.

  1. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs): Websites like, Expedia, and Trivago are great starting points. They offer various options, user reviews, and sometimes exclusive deals.
  2. Hotel Websites: Sometimes, booking directly through a hotel’s website can offer the best rates. Hotels may provide special offers, package deals, or loyalty program benefits unavailable on OTAs.
  3. Price Comparison Tools: Use tools like Google Hotels or Kayak to compare prices across multiple platforms. This can help you find the lowest rate for your preferred hotel.
  4. Alerts and Notifications: Sign up for price drop alerts on platforms like Hopper or Skyscanner. They notify you when prices for your chosen hotel fall.
  5. Membership Discounts: Check if you’re eligible for discounts through memberships like AAA, AARP, or even some credit card loyalty programs.
  6. Flexible Dates: If possible, play around with your travel dates to see if shifting your stay results in better rates.
  7. Last-Minute Booking Apps: Apps like HotelTonight can help secure last-minute deals, although this approach best suits those with flexible plans.

Final Considerations Before Booking

Before finalizing your hotel booking in Blackpool, consider these last-minute tips to ensure a smooth experience:

  1. Read the Fine Print: Check cancellation policies, especially if your plans are not concrete. Look for hotels with flexible cancellation policies to avoid potential fees.
  2. Check for Hidden Fees: Be aware of additional charges like resort, parking, or Wi-Fi charges.
  3. Consider Location and Transportation: Ensure the hotel’s location suits your itinerary. Consider how you’ll travel to and from attractions and whether public transport is available.
  4. Room Types and Needs: Ensure the room type you book meets your requirements. If travelling with family, check the bed configuration and room size.
  5. Special Requests: If you have any special requests (e.g., room with a view, high floor, early check-in), contact the hotel in advance to increase the chances of accommodation.
  6. Check Recent Reviews: Look at the most recent reviews for current insights into the hotel’s service, cleanliness, and overall experience.
  7. Verify Booking Details: Double-check your booking details, including dates, number of guests, and room type, before confirming.
  8. Secure and Safe Payment: Use a secure payment method, and be wary of offers that seem too good to be true.

By considering these factors and utilizing various booking channels, you can make an informed decision and enjoy a pleasant stay in Blackpool tailored to your preferences and budget.


With its blend of seaside charm, historic landmarks, and vibrant entertainment options, Blackpool offers an array of experiences for every kind of traveller. The key to thoroughly enjoying this delightful town lies in finding suitable accommodation that fits your budget and enhances your overall experience. Each hotel we’ve explored in this guide offers unique advantages, ensuring that there’s a place in Blackpool that feels like a home away from home, regardless of your preferences or needs.

From the family-friendly amenities and direct access to Blackpool Pleasure Beach at the Big Blue Hotel to the historic elegance and luxury of The Imperial Hotel, there’s a spectrum of experiences waiting to be had. For those seeking the vibrancy of central Blackpool, The Central Haven offers an unbeatable location at budget-friendly rates. Meanwhile, the Village Hotel Blackpool and the Coastal Bay Hotel provide a more tranquil setting with exclusive amenities, from golf courses and outdoor pools to intimate, beachside experiences.

Each hotel provides a comfortable place to rest and contributes to the rich tapestry of your Blackpool adventure. Whether it’s waking up to stunning sea views, relaxing in a historical setting, or enjoying the convenience of being steps away from major attractions, these accommodations ensure that your stay in Blackpool is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

As you plan your trip to Blackpool, consider these affordable options. They offer more than just a place to sleep; they provide experiences that will enrich your visit, create lasting memories, and bring you closer to the heart and soul of this iconic British seaside town. Blackpool awaits with open arms and promises of unforgettable moments, so why wait? Start planning your adventure today and discover the joys of this vibrant coastal gem.

Richard Whalen: Travel Aficionado & UK Hotel Guru Born in the picturesque city of Bath, Richard Whalen's love for travel and hospitality was ignited by the rich history and classic elegance of his hometown. Growing up exploring the cobbled streets, ancient Roman baths, and regal Georgian architecture, he developed an acute eye for detail and an appreciation for the varying facets of hospitality. Educated at the University of Edinburgh with a degree in Travel and Tourism Management, Richard embarked on a journey through the UK, uncovering hidden gems and iconic landmarks alike. His vast travels and personal experiences in a myriad of hotels, from quaint bed and breakfasts in the Scottish Highlands to opulent luxury resorts in London, have given him a broad spectrum of insights. Over the years, Richard has established himself as a trusted voice in the travel and hospitality community. With his incisive reviews and invaluable travel tips, he has assisted countless travelers in navigating the diverse hotel scene in the UK. His articles delve deep, offering readers both a macro perspective of the travel landscape and micro details that can make or break a stay. A fervent believer in sustainable and responsible tourism, Richard often highlights eco-friendly hotels and practices, promoting a travel ethos that respects both local communities and the environment. When he isn't penning insightful articles or visiting new cities, Richard can be found hosting workshops for budding travel writers, or relaxing in his countryside home in the Cotswolds with his two cats, a collection of travel memoirs, and a cup of Earl Grey tea. His motto: "Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it's a transformative experience that should be undertaken with respect and understanding."

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