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W Hotel London
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The W Hotel London, also known as the W London Leicester Square, is a luxurious destination known for its trendy and modern flair, situated in one of the most vibrant and bustling areas of the UK’s capital city. Since its opening, the W Hotel has become a prominent symbol of contemporary glamour and high-end hospitality in London.

Built in a 10-story building, the hotel’s eye-catching exterior is matched only by its chic, eclectic interior design. The hotel offers an incredible selection of rooms and suites with all the luxuries expected of a five-star establishment.

One of the standout features of the W Hotel is its emphasis on entertainment and lifestyle services. There is a stylish and lively bar, a world-class spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a renowned dining facility. The hotel’s exceptional service and attention to detail are evident in these amenities, which have consistently received high marks in guest reviews.

A brief overview of the review and the prominence of the W Hotel London

As for location, the W Hotel could hardly be more central. It’s located on the corner of Leicester Square, known for hosting movie premieres and being the heart of London’s entertainment district. The hotel is just steps away from numerous theaters, restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as famous sights like Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and the National Gallery.

The W Hotel London has carved out a unique niche in the city’s hotel industry since its opening. Its chic design, impressive amenities, and unbeatable location have made it a preferred choice for many travelers looking for a blend of luxury and local cultural experiences.

In summary, the W Hotel is more than just a place to stay. It has managed to create an experience that brings together luxurious comfort and the vibrant energy of its surroundings. Its prominence has been well-earned, as it provides a unique blend of the luxurious and the lively, standing out in a city known for its wide range of accommodations.

First Impressions

First impressions can make a lasting impact, and the W Hotel London leaves no stone unturned in ensuring those impressions are unforgettable.

As you approach the hotel, you’re immediately struck by its distinctive exterior. The bold, glass-fronted design, layered in a veil of triangular panels, gives the W Hotel a modern and edgy look that stands out amidst the historical architecture of the surrounding Leicester Square area. Illuminated at night, the hotel exterior seems to glow, like a beacon of contemporary style amidst the city’s traditional charm.

Initial approach and exterior appearance of the W Hotel London

Upon entering the hotel, you are welcomed by the vibrant energy of the W Lounge, the hotel’s take on the traditional hotel lobby. The design of the interior is visually stimulating, full of bold patterns, a rich mix of textures, and a playful blend of bright and muted tones that capture the eclectic spirit of London. Everywhere you look, there are carefully curated details that make the hotel feel like a living art exhibit.

The ambiance is youthful and energetic, reflecting the dynamic nature of the city outside its doors. Music is a constant presence, with the hotel often hosting DJs and live performances. It’s clear that the W Hotel is a place where the line between staying and socializing blurs seamlessly.

Ambiance and welcome feel upon entering the W Hotel London

The welcome from the staff is warm and professional. You’re not just checking in to a hotel, you’re becoming part of an exclusive, vibrant club. Staff members, also known as W Insiders, are always at hand, ready to offer personalized recommendations and ensure your needs are met.

In short, the initial approach to the W Hotel London is a dazzling encounter with contemporary luxury, while entering the hotel feels like stepping into a stylish, high-energy party where you’re the guest of honor. This atmosphere sets the tone for an unforgettable stay, setting the W Hotel London apart from more traditional luxury hotels.

Accommodation at W Hotel London

The W Hotel London offers a variety of room types, all designed with a keen sense of style and comfort in mind. The hotel features a range of accommodations to suit different needs and preferences, each with a unique set of features and amenities.

A detailed explanation of room types and their unique features

Wonderful Rooms: These are the entry-level rooms, offering a generous amount of space and an impressive selection of amenities. They are well-appointed with comfortable furnishings, including a luxurious king-size bed and a fully equipped bathroom.

Spectacular and Fabulous Rooms: These categories offer more space, and many of these rooms boast impressive views of the cityscape or courtyard. The dΓ©cor is edgy and distinctive, with pops of color and modern art creating a vibrant ambiance.

Studio Suites: These suites offer even more space and feature a separate living area for ultimate comfort. These suites are ideal for longer stays or for those who appreciate a little extra space to unwind.

Marvelous, WOW, and E-WOW Suites: These are the top-tier room categories. The Marvelous Suites have separate bedrooms and living spaces, while the WOW and E-WOW Suites, the pinnacle of luxury at the W, offer expansive living spaces, panoramic views of London, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems.

Comfort and cleanliness of the rooms at W Hotel London

All rooms and suites in the W Hotel London share a common design language that’s modern, vibrant, and a bit avant-garde. Luxurious materials, like plush bedding, velvet sofas, and chrome accents, contrast with mood lighting and pops of bold color. These rooms have a strong personality, in line with the W brand’s trendy and modern image.

In terms of comfort and cleanliness, the W Hotel maintains an excellent standard. The rooms are kept spotlessly clean, with daily housekeeping services ensuring a fresh and welcoming environment. The beds are of high quality, with premium mattresses and luxurious linens ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Amenities provided within the rooms

The in-room amenities at the W Hotel London are extensive. They include Bliss Spa bath products, bathrobes and slippers, Nespresso coffee machines, minibars, and smart TVs with an extensive selection of channels. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, and each room has a safe, ironing facilities, and air conditioning. The hotel also offers a Whatever/Whenever service, their version of 24/7 concierge, ready to fulfill guests’ needs or wishes at any time.

To sum up, the accommodations at the W Hotel London offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and luxury. The variety of room types caters to different needs and preferences, while the attention to detail and high standard of cleanliness ensures a comfortable, stress-free stay.

Dining Options at W Hotel London

The W Hotel London offers an exciting and varied dining experience, with options designed to cater to different tastes and preferences. Its dining establishments are celebrated not only for their quality cuisine but also for their stylish settings and lively atmospheres.

Description of the variety of dining options available within the hotel

The Perception at W London: This is the main dining venue at the W Hotel, offering an innovative all-day dining experience. The menu, designed by renowned chefs, focuses on fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. It’s a mix of contemporary British dishes with international influences. The food quality is excellent, with special attention given to the presentation, making each dish visually appealing and Instagram-worthy. Unique features include a rotating schedule of guest chefs and pop-up menus, keeping the dining experience fresh and exciting for guests and locals alike.

The W Lounge: This is a sophisticated space where guests can enjoy light bites and an extensive menu of creative cocktails. The lounge is known for its afternoon tea service, where traditional British tea-time fare gets a modern twist. The ambience here is stylish and relaxing, perfect for casual gatherings or unwinding after a day of sightseeing.

Room Service: For those who prefer to dine in the privacy of their rooms, the hotel offers a 24-hour room service menu with a variety of delicious options, from comfort food to gourmet meals.

Review of food quality, variety, and presentation

When it comes to food quality and variety, the W Hotel London consistently receives high praise. The culinary team places a strong emphasis on using high-quality ingredients to create dishes that are not only pleasing to the palate but also beautifully presented. The menu is extensive, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, from classic dishes to more adventurous culinary creations.

One unique feature of dining at the W Hotel London is their commitment to constantly innovate and keep things interesting. This can be seen in their rotating guest chef programs and their themed dining events. There’s always something new and exciting happening in the culinary scene at the W, making every meal an experience.

Mention of unique features or specialties in the hotel’s cuisine

To summarise, the dining options at the W Hotel London offer a delightful mix of taste, ambiance, and innovation. Whether you’re enjoying a full meal at The Perception, sipping on a creatively mixed cocktail at the W Lounge, or indulging in room service, the culinary experiences here are sure to be a highlight of your stay.

W Hotel London Facilities and Services

The W Hotel London provides an extensive range of facilities and services aimed at ensuring a comfortable, engaging, and luxurious stay for its guests.

Elaboration on the range of facilities available such as swimming pools, fitness center, spa, etc

AWAY Spa: One of the key facilities at the W Hotel London is its award-winning AWAY Spa. This is a sanctuary of wellness and relaxation, offering a comprehensive menu of treatments ranging from massages and facials to body treatments, all designed to soothe and rejuvenate. The spa also features a sauna, steam room, and a relaxation area, creating a holistic wellness experience. Guests frequently praise the spa for its serene atmosphere, high-quality treatments, and professional staff.

FIT Fitness Centre: The W Hotel’s fitness centre, known as FIT, is equipped with state-of-the-art workout machines and free weights. It’s open 24/7, allowing guests to maintain their workout routine at any time that suits them. Personal training sessions can also be arranged upon request.

W Lounge and Screening Room: The W Lounge provides a relaxing space for guests to socialize, work, or simply unwind. Additionally, the hotel also houses a private screening room where it hosts film premieres and private viewings.

Discussion on additional services offered by the hotel

As for additional services, the W Hotel’s Whatever/Whenever service truly stands out. This is a 24/7 concierge service that promises to cater to guests’ needs and requests, no matter how big or small, at any time of the day or night. Whether it’s arranging for tickets to the hottest shows, making dinner reservations at a sought-after restaurant, or planning a surprise celebration, the Whatever/Whenever team ensures all guest requests are handled efficiently and professionally.

The hotel also offers a range of business services, including a business center with printing and photocopying facilities, as well as meeting rooms and event spaces. Event planning services are also available for those planning a conference, wedding, or other special events.

Comment on the efficiency and effectiveness of these facilities and services

The efficiency and effectiveness of these facilities and services are consistently praised by guests. The staff are well-trained, friendly, and always ready to assist. Whether it’s the wellness services at the AWAY Spa, the fitness facilities at FIT, or the convenience and responsiveness of the Whatever/Whenever service, the W Hotel London ensures that every aspect of a guest’s stay is handled with professionalism and a personal touch.

In conclusion, the W Hotel London provides a wide range of top-notch facilities and services designed to meet the diverse needs of its guests. The hotel’s commitment to providing a unique and high-quality experience is evident in the attention to detail and level of care seen in all its facilities and services.

Staff and Customer Service at W Hotel London

One of the most critical aspects of any hotel experience is the quality of the staff and the customer service provided, and the W Hotel London consistently receives high marks in this area.

Staff members at the W Hotel London are known for their professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness. They play a crucial role in creating the hotel’s vibrant, welcoming atmosphere, and are well-trained to handle any requests or needs that guests might have. From the front desk to the housekeeping staff, the team is dedicated to making each guest’s stay comfortable, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

Evaluation of the hotel’s staff professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness

A standout feature of the W Hotel’s customer service is their Whatever/Whenever concierge service. True to its name, this service is designed to cater to guests’ needs whenever they arise, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s arranging tickets to a sold-out show, recommending local attractions, or fulfilling special room requests, the Whatever/Whenever team handles it all with efficiency and a positive attitude.

Guests often commend the staff’s local knowledge, which can enhance the experience of those unfamiliar with the city. The concierge team is always ready with recommendations for restaurants, sightseeing, and local experiences, and can provide valuable insights and tips

Review of the hotel’s customer service responsiveness

In terms of responsiveness, the hotel’s customer service team operates 24/7, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly. The W Hotel London understands that quick and effective responses are key to a positive guest experience, and this attention to detail is evident in their customer service efforts.

In summary, the staff and customer service at the W Hotel London are among its strongest assets. The team’s dedication to guest satisfaction, their attention to detail, and their friendly and professional demeanor all contribute to a hospitality experience that is both comfortable and engaging. Their willingness to go the extra mile truly sets the W Hotel London apart in the competitive luxury hotel industry.

W Hotel London Location and Nearby Attractions

The W Hotel London boasts an exceptional location in the heart of London’s West End, specifically at Leicester Square. This vibrant area is one of the most famous squares in London, known for its entertainment and nightlife.

The hotel’s location is highly accessible, with Leicester Square Tube Station just a short walk away, providing quick and easy access to the rest of the city. The hotel is also within easy reach of several major railway stations, including London Charing Cross and London Waterloo, and is approximately an hour’s drive from Heathrow Airport.

Analysis of the hotel’s location, accessibility, and proximity to tourist attractions

Given its central location, the W Hotel London is in close proximity to some of London’s top tourist attractions. Here are some must-visit sites:

Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus: Leicester Square is famous for its cinemas, including the Odeon Leicester Square, Empire, and Prince Charles Cinema, which frequently host red carpet film premieres. Piccadilly Circus, another iconic location known for its giant electronic advertisements, is also just a short walk away.

Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery: Trafalgar Square, home to the iconic Nelson’s Column and beautiful fountains, is a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. Sitting on the north side of the square is The National Gallery, which houses a collection of over 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to the 1900s.

Covent Garden: A 10-minute walk will bring guests to the historic Covent Garden, known for its fashionable boutiques, arts and crafts market, and the Royal Opera House.

London’s Theatre District: Given its West End location, the W Hotel is surrounded by some of London’s most famous theatres, such as The Prince of Wales Theatre, The London Palladium, and Queen’s Theatre. A visit to a West End show is a must for any London itinerary.

Buckingham Palace: A slightly longer walk or a short tube ride can take guests to Buckingham Palace, the London residence of the Queen, where they can watch the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Recommendation of nearby attractions for guests to visit

In summary, the location of the W Hotel London is one of its standout features. Its proximity to numerous attractions, along with easy access to public transportation, makes it an excellent base for exploring all that London has to offer. Whether you’re a lover of art, shopping, theatre, or history, there’s something for everyone just a stone’s throw from the hotel.

Price and Value for Money at W Hotel London

The W Hotel London is a luxury hotel, and as such, the pricing reflects its high-end offerings and central location. While exact rates can fluctuate based on the season, room type, and availability, here are some general pricing expectations:

Accommodation: Room rates at the W Hotel London typically start around Β£300 per night for the entry-level Wonderful Rooms and can go up to over Β£2000 per night for the high-end E-WOW Suites. These prices are inclusive of Wi-Fi and access to the hotel’s fitness center.

Dining: The Perception at W London provides a high-quality dining experience, with main courses typically ranging from Β£20 to Β£40. The afternoon tea at W Lounge, another popular experience, usually costs around Β£40 per person. The cost for room service meals is comparable to those in The Perception, with a small delivery fee.

Spa Services: At the AWAY Spa, treatments start around Β£80 for a basic facial or massage, and can go up to Β£200 or more for more intensive or longer treatments.

A detailed breakdown of costs for various aspects of the hotel (accommodation, dining, etc.)

When considering the question of value for money, it’s important to keep in mind what the W Hotel London is offering for these prices. In terms of accommodation, guests are treated to stylish, comfortable, and well-appointed rooms in one of the best locations in London. The dining options, though on the pricier side, deliver excellent food in stylish settings. And the spa, while certainly a luxury, provides high-quality treatments in a serene and relaxing environment.

Additionally, guests also have access to a range of services and facilities included in their stay, such as the 24/7 FIT Fitness Centre, the Whatever/Whenever concierge service, and the W Lounge.

Assessment of whether the W Hotel London provides value for money

Ultimately, the assessment of value for money will depend on what the individual guest values in a hotel stay. For those who prioritize a central location, stylish accommodations, high-quality dining, and access to luxury services and facilities, the W Hotel London provides good value for money. However, for those who prefer more basic accommodations or are more budget-conscious, there may be other hotels in London that better meet those needs.

As with any travel decision, it’s recommended to do some research and consider what is most important to you in a hotel stay before making a decision.

Table: W Hotel London Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Prime Location: The hotel is located in the heart of London, in close proximity to several major tourist attractions, and offers easy access to public transportation. Pricey: As a luxury hotel, the W Hotel London is expensive, and may not be the best option for budget-conscious travelers.
Quality Dining Options: With The Perception and W Lounge, the hotel offers high-quality, innovative dining experiences. Additional Costs: Certain amenities, like treatments at the AWAY Spa and dining experiences, can add a significant amount to the overall cost of the stay.
Luxurious Accommodations: The rooms and suites are well-appointed, comfortable, and stylish, offering views of the London skyline. Possible Noise: Given its central location in a bustling area, some guests might find the street noise disruptive, particularly at night.
Excellent Service: The staff is professional, helpful, and friendly, and the Whatever/Whenever service ensures that guests’ needs are catered to at any time. Not Family Oriented: The hotel’s vibe is more suited to couples, singles, and business travelers. Those with young children might find other hotels more accommodating to their needs.
Top-Notch Facilities: The hotel offers a range of high-quality facilities, including the AWAY Spa, FIT Fitness Centre, and W Lounge.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Overall, the W Hotel London delivers a high-end, luxurious experience. It excels in providing stylish accommodations, a wide array of dining options, and top-notch facilities. The hotel’s exceptional location and the remarkable Whatever/Whenever service further enhance the guest experience.

Overall thoughts on the stay at W Hotel London

The chic, modern design and vibrant atmosphere make it a great choice for travelers seeking a unique and upscale hotel experience in the heart of London. Its proximity to key tourist attractions, as well as to business and entertainment districts, makes it an attractive choice for a wide range of travelers.

Recommendation on who the hotel would be suitable for (families, couples, business travelers, etc.)

As for recommendations:

Couples and Singles: The trendy ambiance, upscale dining options, and luxurious spa make the W Hotel London an ideal choice for couples or solo travelers looking for a sophisticated urban getaway.

Business Travelers: The hotel’s central location, combined with excellent business facilities like meeting rooms and a 24/7 business center, make it a smart choice for business travelers.

Luxury Seekers: For those who enjoy a touch of opulence in their travels, the luxury services, stunning interior, and high-quality facilities make the W Hotel a worthy option.

However, the W Hotel London might not be the best choice for families with young children or for budget-conscious travelers due to its vibrant and bustling ambiance and the higher price point. Those seeking a quieter, more family-oriented or budget-friendly experience may want to consider other options.

To conclude, the W Hotel London offers a distinctive and luxurious experience right in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities. It’s a destination that delivers on style, service, and location, making it a worthwhile consideration for your stay in London.


To conclude, the W Hotel London offers an unforgettable, luxurious experience to its guests. Its key strengths lie in its prime location, right at the heart of London’s West End, providing easy access to some of the city’s most renowned attractions. The accommodation options are chic and comfortable, with the hotel’s bold and innovative design echoed in the stylish decor of the rooms and suites.

The dining experiences, particularly at The Perception, offer high-quality, innovative meals in a vibrant setting, while the AWAY Spa and FIT Fitness Centre provide top-notch wellness facilities. The Whatever/Whenever service sets a high standard for customer service, offering a responsive, personal touch that truly enhances the guest experience.

Recap of the key points of the review and the overall rating for the W Hotel London

On the other hand, the hotel may not be ideal for those traveling with young children or for those on a tight budget, given its bustling ambiance and high price point. The hotel’s lively location can also lead to potential noise, which may be a drawback for some guests.

Given all these factors, on a scale of 1 to 10, the W Hotel London warrants a solid 8.5. It’s a hotel that provides a blend of style, luxury, and prime location, making it an attractive option for luxury seekers, business travelers, and urban explorers who wish to immerse themselves in the vibrancy of central London. If its unique offerings align with your preferences and budget, the W Hotel London could indeed be a perfect choice for your stay.

Features & Amenities

  • Amenities : Air conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Accessible, Restaurant, Paid breakfast, Laundry service, Room service, Bar
  • Parking : The W Hotel London does not have its own parking facilities. However, there are several public car parks nearby. One of the closest is the Q-Park Leicester Square, located about a 5-minute walk from the hotel. As parking in central London can be expensive and limited, it's recommended to use public transportation or taxis where possible.

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10 Wardour St, London W1D 6QF, UK,W1D 6QF,London

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