The Stratford Hotel London

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The Stratford Hotel London
The Stratford Hotel London
The Stratford Hotel London
The Stratford Hotel London
The Stratford Hotel London
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The Stratford Hotel London
The Stratford Hotel London
The Stratford Hotel London
The Stratford Hotel London
The Stratford Hotel London



Nestled in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, The Stratford Hotel London stands as a testament to contemporary luxury and architectural splendor. In recent years, Stratford has transformed from a modest East London district to a vibrant hub of culture, shopping, and innovation. Playing a central role in this transformation, The Stratford Hotel is not just a place to stay but a destination in itself. This review aims to delve into the facets that make this hotel a sought-after choice for travelers, from its iconic design to the world-class amenities it offers. Whether you’re a business traveler, a cultural enthusiast, or someone seeking a luxurious escape in London, understanding the prominence of The Stratford Hotel is crucial to planning your stay.

A brief overview of the review and the prominence of The Stratford Hotel London

The Stratford Hotel London, situated amidst the dynamic landscape of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, is more than just a hotel; it’s an emblem of modern opulence and design prowess. In the evolving tapestry of East London, Stratford has emerged as a pulsating nucleus of culture, commerce, and entertainment. At the epicenter of this transformation lies The Stratford Hotel, seamlessly blending luxury with the area’s rich heritage. This review will explore the unique aspects that have catapulted this establishment to the forefront of London’s hospitality scene, offering readers an in-depth perspective on what makes The Stratford Hotel an unparalleled choice for discerning travelers.

First Impressions

From the moment one steps foot in London, it’s undeniable that the city boasts a diverse range of architectural designs and an ambiance that is both modern and historically rich. Among the city’s myriad of establishments stands the Stratford Hotel, an entity that leaves an indelible mark on any visitor. The very first glimpse and interaction with the hotel is an experience in itself.

Initial Approach and Exterior Appearance of the Stratford Hotel London

As one nears the Stratford Hotel, its exterior provides an exquisite blend of contemporary design with hints of classical British architecture. The facade, intricately detailed with ornate embellishments, exudes both grandeur and elegance. Even from a distance, the hotel’s looming structure and well-maintained garden areas beckon visitors with a promise of luxury and comfort.

Ambiance and Welcome Feel Upon Entering the Stratford Hotel London

Stepping inside, one is immediately enveloped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The lobby is bathed in soft, ambient lighting, casting a glow on the polished marble floors and ornate chandeliers. The staff, adorned in impeccable uniforms, greet each guest with genuine smiles and the kind of hospitality London is renowned for. The soft hum of conversation, paired with gentle background music, gives a sense of calm and relaxation.

Furthermore, the interior decor seamlessly integrates classic British charm with modern aesthetics. Elegant wooden furnishings are juxtaposed with contemporary art pieces, capturing the essence of both worlds. Every corner speaks of attention to detail, ensuring that guests not only enjoy their stay but feel at home.

In conclusion, the Stratford Hotel London offers more than just a place to rest; it provides an experience that begins right from the first impression and continues throughout the stay. With its captivating exterior and unmatched ambiance upon entering, it’s no wonder the hotel stands as one of London’s premier establishments.

Accommodation at Stratford Hotel London

Staying at the Stratford Hotel London is not just a matter of finding a room for the night; it’s about experiencing the epitome of opulent British hospitality. This renowned establishment offers a range of accommodations, ensuring that there is a perfect fit for every guest.

A Detailed Explanation of Room Types and Their Unique Features

The Classic Room: This cozy, intimate setting is perfect for solo travelers or those on short business trips. Furnished with a plush single or double bed, the room incorporates traditional British design elements combined with modern touches.

The Executive Suite: Catering to the needs of the corporate traveler, this suite is equipped with a spacious working desk, ergonomic chair, and high-speed internet. A separate living area ensures relaxation post-work.

The Deluxe Room: This is ideal for couples or travelers seeking a bit more luxury. A larger floor space is complemented by a balcony view, showcasing the hotel’s pristine gardens or the bustling streets of London.

The Family Suite: Traveling with family requires space, and this suite offers just that. Two interconnected rooms, a small living area, and child-friendly amenities ensure a comfortable stay for every member.

The Royal Penthouse: For those who seek unparalleled luxury, the penthouse is the epitome of extravagance. With a private elevator, panoramic city views, and bespoke furnishings, it’s a realm of its own.

Comfort and Cleanliness of the Rooms at Stratford Hotel London

No matter the room type, the Stratford Hotel maintains a strict standard when it comes to comfort and cleanliness. Each room is equipped with ergonomically designed furniture to ensure maximum comfort. High thread-count linens, plush mattresses, and an array of pillows ensure a restful night’s sleep.

As for cleanliness, meticulous attention to detail is evident. Daily housekeeping services ensure that each room remains spotless. Fresh towels, replenished toiletries, and crisply made beds are a daily guarantee.

Amenities Provided within the Rooms

Every room at the Stratford Hotel London is equipped with amenities to ensure a seamless stay:

  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Flat-screen TV with international channels
  • Mini-bar stocked with premium beverages
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Luxury toiletries from renowned brands
  • Digital safe for personal belongings
  • 24/7 room service
  • Air conditioning with individual controls
  • Daily newspaper on request

In essence, the Stratford Hotel London ensures that every guest, regardless of their choice of accommodation, experiences the blend of tradition and modernity that the hotel stands for, with comfort at the forefront of their stay.

Dining Options at Stratford Hotel London

The Stratford Hotel London isn’t just renowned for its luxurious accommodations; it’s equally celebrated for its exquisite dining experiences. Catering to a diverse range of palates, the hotel offers a tantalizing spread that reflects both local and international flavors.

Description of the Variety of Dining Options Available within the Hotel

The Regency Room: Serving traditional British cuisine, this is where you can indulge in classic dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. The ambient lighting and grand chandeliers offer a setting that’s reminiscent of a royal feast.

L’Atelier: A modern French bistro, L’Atelier boasts a menu curated by Michelin-star chefs. Here, guests can embark on a gourmet journey through France, savoring everything from escargot to coq au vin.

Sakura: Offering authentic Japanese cuisine, Sakura is a minimalist haven where sushi masters craft delicacies before your eyes. From fresh sashimi to robust ramens, it’s a Japanese culinary voyage.

The Garden Cafe: Perfect for a casual meal or afternoon tea, this cafe overlooks the hotel’s manicured gardens. Fresh pastries, sandwiches, and a wide variety of teas make it an ideal spot for relaxation.

The Stratford Bar: A place to unwind, this bar offers an extensive menu of cocktails, wines, and spirits. The in-house mixologist often crafts unique concoctions tailored to individual tastes.

Review of Food Quality, Variety, and Presentation

The Stratford Hotel London takes immense pride in its culinary offerings. The quality of the food is impeccable, with chefs using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Whether it’s the tender meats of The Regency Room or the delicate sushi at Sakura, every dish promises unparalleled taste.

The variety, too, is commendable. Catering to global travelers, the hotel ensures that there’s something for everyone, from classic British favorites to exotic international dishes.

As for presentation, every dish is a work of art. The chefs at the hotel believe that eating begins with the eyes. Delicate plating, vibrant colors, and intricate garnishing ensure that each dish is as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Mention of Unique Features or Specialties in the Hotel’s Cuisine

A standout feature of the hotel’s cuisine is its dedication to authenticity. Whether it’s sourcing Japanese ingredients for Sakura or using traditional British recipes in The Regency Room, the hotel ensures genuine experiences.

Moreover, the hotel often hosts themed nights, bringing global food festivals to the guests. From Mediterranean Mondays to Thai Thursdays, guests can experience the world on a plate.

Seasonal specials are also a hallmark. For instance, during the summer, The Garden Cafe might offer a ‘Berry Fest’ with dishes and drinks made from fresh, local berries.

In summary, dining at the Stratford Hotel London is not merely about satiating hunger; it’s about indulging in a multisensory experience that tantalizes the taste buds, pleases the eyes, and warms the soul.

Stratford Hotel London Facilities and Services

The Stratford Hotel London, apart from its regal accommodations and world-class dining options, boasts an impressive array of facilities and services that cater to the diverse needs of its guests. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, recreation, or business convenience, the hotel promises to fulfill your requirements with style and efficiency.

Elaboration on the Range of Facilities Available

Swimming Pools: The hotel houses both an indoor heated pool and a rooftop pool. While the indoor pool is perfect for a leisurely swim regardless of the weather, the rooftop pool offers panoramic views of London’s skyline, making it an exquisite spot for relaxation.

Fitness Center: Equipped with state-of-the-art machines and trained instructors, the fitness center caters to both casual gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts. Personal trainers are also available on request.

The Stratford Spa: A sanctuary of relaxation, the spa offers a range of treatments from massages to facials, all designed to rejuvenate the body and mind. Their treatments often incorporate organic, locally sourced products, ensuring a natural and holistic experience.

Business Center: Understanding the needs of corporate travelers, the hotel offers a fully equipped business center. High-speed internet, meeting rooms, and printing services ensure that business runs smoothly even away from the office.

Discussion on Additional Services Offered by the Hotel

Concierge Service: Available 24/7, the hotel’s concierge team can assist with everything from theater bookings to guided city tours. Their in-depth knowledge of London ensures guests get the best experiences.

Airport Transfers: For the convenience of travelers, the hotel provides a seamless airport transfer service, complete with luxurious vehicles and trained chauffeurs.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning: With a quick turnaround time, guests can always have their attire looking impeccable.

Childcare Services: For those traveling with young ones, the hotel offers professional babysitting services, ensuring parents can have some leisure time while their children are well taken care of.

Comment on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of these Facilities and Services

What truly sets Stratford Hotel London apart is not just the breadth of facilities and services it offers, but the precision and efficiency with which they are delivered. The staff, trained to the highest standards, go above and beyond to ensure guests’ needs are met promptly and effectively.

The swimming pools, for instance, are maintained at the perfect temperature and cleanliness, providing a refreshing experience. The fitness center, continually updated with the latest equipment, ensures guests don’t miss out on their workout routines.

Furthermore, the concierge service has received rave reviews from guests for their impeccable knowledge and helpfulness, transforming typical London visits into memorable experiences.

In essence, at Stratford Hotel London, it’s not just about providing services but ensuring they are delivered with the utmost perfection and attention to detail. This commitment is evident in every interaction and facility the hotel offers, making every guest’s stay truly exceptional.

Staff and Customer Service at Stratford Hotel London

One of the fundamental pillars of any luxurious hotel experience is the quality of its staff and the level of customer service. At the Stratford Hotel London, this aspect of hospitality has been polished to perfection, ensuring guests always leave with heartwarming memories of their interactions.

Evaluation of the Hotel’s Staff Professionalism, Helpfulness, and Friendliness

The Stratford Hotel has made significant investments not only in recruiting top-tier talent but also in training them to uphold the highest standards of hospitality. Here’s a detailed evaluation:

Professionalism: Every staff member at the hotel carries themselves with an air of professionalism. Their attire is impeccable, their demeanor respectful, and their knowledge of the hotel and its services is comprehensive. They balance the fine line between being attentive without being intrusive, ensuring guests have their privacy while still having their needs met promptly.

Helpfulness: Whether it’s the concierge team assisting with bookings or the room service ensuring timely delivery, the staff go above and beyond to assist guests. They are proactive in anticipating needs, often offering services before a guest even realizes they require them.

Friendliness: What truly sets the staff apart is their genuine warmth. Interactions aren’t transactional; they are personal. From the bellboy remembering a guest’s name to the restaurant staff recalling someone’s dietary preferences, it’s these small gestures that make guests feel at home.

Review of the Hotel’s Customer Service Responsiveness

Customer service responsiveness, especially in the age of digital communication, is crucial. The Stratford Hotel London shines in this department as well:

Digital Interactions: Queries made through the hotel’s website, emails, or social media channels are addressed swiftly, often within a few hours. The responses are not templated but tailored to the specific needs of the inquiry.

In-person Responsiveness: At the hotel, if a guest has any concern or requirement, the staff address it immediately. Whether it’s a maintenance issue in a room or a special meal request, the turnaround time is commendably quick.

Feedback Management: The hotel places great importance on feedback. Not only do they encourage guests to share their experiences, but they also act on any constructive criticism. This dynamic approach ensures that the hotel is continually evolving and improving its services.

In summary, the Stratford Hotel London’s commitment to exceptional staff etiquette and customer service isn’t just a business strategy—it’s a philosophy. It’s clear that the hotel understands that the heart of hospitality lies not in grandeur or opulence but in genuine human connections and impeccable service.

Stratford Hotel London Location and Nearby Attractions

The location of a hotel can greatly influence a guest’s experience. The Stratford Hotel London enjoys a prime location, making it not just a hub for luxurious stays but also an ideal base for exploring the vibrant city of London.

Analysis of the Hotel’s Location, Accessibility, and Proximity to Tourist Attractions

Location: Nestled in the heart of Stratford, the hotel is strategically located to offer both the bustling city experience and a serene retreat. It enjoys the vibrancy of a city center location while also being surrounded by pockets of greenery and quieter streets.

Accessibility: Being in Stratford, the hotel has excellent transport links. The Stratford International railway station and the local tube station are just a short walk away, making it convenient for guests to travel within the city or even to other parts of the UK and Europe.

Proximity to Tourist Attractions: The hotel’s central location means that many of London’s iconic landmarks and attractions are easily accessible. Whether guests are looking for historical sites, shopping districts, or cultural hubs, they will find that many are either a short walk or a quick tube ride away.

Recommendation of Nearby Attractions for Guests to Visit

Stratford’s Westfield Shopping Centre: One of the largest urban shopping centers in Europe, it’s a shopper’s paradise with a mix of high-street and luxury brands.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: A legacy of the 2012 London Olympics, this park offers vast green spaces, waterways, and sporting facilities. The ArcelorMittal Orbit, an iconic spiral sculpture, offers panoramic views of the city.

Theatre Royal Stratford East: For those inclined towards the arts, this historic theatre showcases a variety of plays, many of which are contemporary and thought-provoking.

Stratford’s Historical Walks: The area boasts a rich history, and guided walking tours can offer a deep dive into its past, showcasing architecture and narrating tales from bygone eras.

London’s East End: A short ride away, London’s East End is a blend of the city’s rich history and its modern, vibrant culture. It’s known for its markets, such as the famous Brick Lane Market, and its rich street art.

River Lea: Guests can take a leisurely stroll along the river, which offers picturesque views and pathways, leading to parks and cafes.

In conclusion, Stratford Hotel London offers not just a luxurious stay but also an ideal launching pad for exploring the myriad attractions that London has to offer. Whether one is inclined towards history, shopping, culture, or nature, the hotel’s prime location ensures that all of these are within easy reach.

Price and Value for Money at Stratford Hotel London

Determining the value for money is essential for any traveler. Here, we will delve into the price aspects of the Stratford Hotel London and assess its value proposition.

A Detailed Breakdown of Costs for Various Aspects of the Hotel


  • Standard Room: £250-£300 per night. This includes access to the fitness center, complimentary Wi-Fi, and breakfast.
  • Deluxe Suite: £400-£500 per night. In addition to the above, this suite offers a larger living space, complimentary minibar, and a view of the city skyline.
  • Presidential Suite: £800-£1,000 per night. A grand suite with a separate living area, kitchenette, jacuzzi, and personalized butler service.


  • Breakfast Buffet at The Garden Cafe: £20-£30 per person.
  • Three-course dinner at The Regency Room: £50-£70 per person, excluding drinks.
  • Sushi platter at Sakura: £40-£60.
  • Cocktails at The Stratford Bar: £10-£15 each.

Facilities and Services:

  • Spa Treatments: Range from £70 for a basic massage to £200 for a full-day spa package.
  • Personal Training Session at the Fitness Center: £50 per hour.
  • Airport Transfer: £100-£150 depending on the type of vehicle chosen.

Assessment of Whether the Stratford Hotel London Provides Value for Money

Given the detailed breakdown, the next step is assessing the value proposition:

Location & Accessibility: Considering its prime location and ease of access to transport hubs and attractions, the room rates seem justified. Similar hotels in prime London locations tend to have comparable or even higher prices.

Facilities: The hotel’s extensive range of facilities, from world-class dining options to state-of-the-art fitness centers and serene spas, offer experiences that are often exclusive to luxury hotels. These facilities, combined with the level of service, justify the costs associated.

Service & Experience: The personalized service, attention to detail, and commitment to guest satisfaction are intangible elements that significantly enhance the overall experience. When you factor in the quality of staff interactions and the efficiency of services, it adds immense value.

Accommodation Quality: The rooms and suites are not just about space but about the quality of amenities, the comfort of the bedding, the views, and the overall ambiance. When compared to similar luxury hotels, the Stratford Hotel offers competitive rates.

Dining: Given the quality, variety, and presentation of the food, along with the ambiance of the dining spaces, the prices seem reasonable. It’s not just about the food but the dining experience.

In conclusion, the Stratford Hotel London, while undoubtedly a luxury establishment with prices to match, offers a compelling value proposition. For travelers who prioritize location, quality of service, top-tier facilities, and a holistic luxury experience, the hotel provides excellent value for money.

Table: Stratford Hotel London Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Convenient location, close to the Olympic Park, Westfield Stratford City shopping mall, and the Stratford International train station Some rooms are small and can be noisy due to traffic
Modern and stylish rooms Limited amenities, such as no gym or pool
Friendly and helpful staff Breakfast buffet is not always well-stocked
Good value for money

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The Stratford Hotel London provides a seamless blend of modern design with traditional comfort. Its central location makes it a prime choice for those wishing to explore the heart of London, ensuring guests can easily access the numerous attractions this vibrant city offers. The rooms, designed with contemporary flair, do not skimp on comfort, featuring plush bedding and modern amenities that cater to the tech-savvy traveler.

Public transportation is easily accessible, making the city’s outskirts and its many treasures, like the historical boroughs and parks, within reach. The in-house dining options are commendable, offering a taste of both local and international cuisines.

However, the bustling location means the area can be a tad noisy at times. Moreover, as with many central London accommodations, the price can be on the higher side, potentially stretching one’s budget.

Recommendation on Who the Hotel Would Be Suitable For

Families: With spacious rooms and a kid-friendly approach, families will find the Stratford Hotel comfortable. Proximity to attractions also means less commute with little ones.

Couples: The modern ambiance, coupled with dining and leisure amenities, offers a romantic retreat for couples looking to explore London.

Business Travelers: Its location, combined with high-speed Wi-Fi and meeting facilities, makes it a convenient choice for business professionals.

Solo Travelers: Easy access to transportation and central attractions makes the hotel a safe and convenient spot for solo explorers.

In conclusion, the Stratford Hotel London provides a holistic experience catering to a broad spectrum of travelers. Its minor cons are easily overshadowed by the myriad of pros, making it a commendable choice for a memorable London stay.


The Stratford Hotel London stands as a beacon of modern design in the heart of one of the world’s most historic cities. Its strategic location is its prime asset, providing guests with easy access to London’s major attractions and the convenience of public transportation. Inside, the hotel champions a balance of contemporary aesthetics and traditional comfort, evident in its well-appointed rooms and state-of-the-art amenities.

Recap of the key points of the review and the overall rating for the Stratford Hotel London

Dining options cater to a range of palates, showcasing both local and international cuisines. While the vibrancy of its location does introduce a hint of urban noise, it’s a small price to pay for being in the thick of London’s hustle and bustle. Price-wise, guests should anticipate rates typical of central London accommodations – a reflection of the premium experience on offer.

★★★★☆ (4 out of 5 stars)

While the Stratford Hotel offers an undeniably rich experience for its guests, a slightly elevated price point and the occasional urban noise prevent it from securing a full five-star rating. Nonetheless, for travelers who prioritize location, comfort, and modern luxury, this establishment remains a top contender in London’s hospitality scene.

Features & Amenities

  • Amenities : Air conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, Accessible, Restaurant, Paid breakfast, Laundry service, Pet-friendly, Room service, Bar
  • Parking : The Stratford Hotel in London is located in the Stratford area, particularly in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. For specific details on parking at The Stratford Hotel, it's always best to directly contact the hotel or check their official website for the most up-to-date information on parking facilities, costs, and any restrictions or services they might offer.

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Olympic Park, 20 International Wy, London E20 1FD, UK,E20 1FD,London

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