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The Standard London
The Standard London
The Standard London
The Standard London
The Standard London
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The Standard London
The Standard London
The Standard London
The Standard London
The Standard London



The Standard, London, is a contemporary architectural gem in the heart of the city, known for its avant-garde design and plush amenities. As one of the prominent landmarks in London’s vibrant hotel scene, it offers an experience that is as much about impeccable service as it is about style. In this review, we will delve into what makes The Standard, London, a sought-after destination for travelers and how it stands out amidst the city’s myriad of lodging options. Whether you’re considering a stay or simply curious about its offerings, this overview will give you a glimpse into the allure of The Standard.

A brief overview of the review and the prominence of the Standard London

The Standard, London, is not just another hotel in the city’s sprawling landscape but a statement in design and luxury. Synonymous with sophistication and top-tier service, it stands tall among London’s finest accommodations. In this review, we will explore the nuances that set The Standard apart, underlining its esteemed reputation in the metropolis. For travelers and connoisseurs of luxury alike, understanding the prominence of The Standard, London, provides insight into what to expect from a stay in this iconic establishment.

First Impressions

As with any renowned establishment, first impressions are pivotal, and The Standard, London does not fall short in this regard. The hotel’s reputation precedes it, but the actual experience begins the moment one sets foot on its premises.

Initial approach and exterior appearance of the Standard London

The Standard, London, presents an intriguing fusion of old-world charm and futuristic flair. Nestled amidst the urban landscape, its exterior seamlessly marries classic British design elements with avant-garde features. As you approach, the building’s intricate details, juxtaposed with modern accents, create an anticipation of the luxury and refinement that lies within.

Ambiance and welcome feel upon entering the Standard London

Upon entering, you’re immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and warmth. The lobby resonates with soft ambient music, and the subtle scent of bespoke fragrances wafts through the air. The welcoming staff, attentive and personable, adds to the sense of being in a place that values every guest. Rich textures, bespoke furnishings, and curated artworks add layers of depth to the ambiance, ensuring that the initial feel is not just of luxury, but also of home. This initial experience promises a stay that’s as memorable as it is comfortable.

Accommodation at Standard London

The Standard, London stands as a testament to modern hospitality, where every detail is meticulously designed for the discerning traveler. From the eclectic choice of room types to the exemplary cleanliness standards, every facet speaks of luxury and comfort.

A detailed explanation of room types and their unique features

The Standard, London, offers an array of room types catering to different needs and preferences:

  • Standard Rooms: Perfect for short stays or solo travelers, these rooms are compact yet chic, equipped with all the essential amenities.
  • Deluxe Suites: For those seeking more space, the deluxe suites provide a separate living area, enhanced furnishings, and a panoramic view of the cityscape.
  • Penthouse Suites: The crème de la crème of accommodations, the penthouse suites boast expansive space, a personal butler service, and breathtaking views from private balconies.

Each room type, while having its unique features, maintains a consistent design aesthetic that combines contemporary style with timeless elegance.

Comfort and cleanliness of the rooms at Standard London

One of the hallmarks of The Standard is its unwavering commitment to comfort and cleanliness. Each room is adorned with plush bedding, ensuring restful sleep. The housekeeping team is meticulous, ensuring every corner of the room remains spotless and sanitized. The ambient lighting and soundproofing further ensure that guests have a serene and undisturbed stay.

Amenities provided within the rooms

Every room at The Standard, London, is equipped with a suite of amenities designed to enhance the guest experience:

  • Entertainment: State-of-the-art audiovisual systems, including smart TVs with an extensive on-demand library.
  • Connectivity: High-speed Wi-Fi, universal plug points, and USB charging ports ensure guests remain connected.
  • Beverages: A mini-bar stocked with a curated selection of drinks and snacks.
  • Comfort: Luxury toiletries, a rain shower, bathrobes, and slippers provide a spa-like experience.
  • Convenience: In-room safe, 24-hour room service, and a daily newspaper on request.

In conclusion, The Standard, London, provides a holistic accommodation experience, where every room is a blend of comfort, luxury, and state-of-the-art amenities.

Dining Options at Standard London

At The Standard, London, dining is not just a meal; it’s an experience. A blend of aesthetic, flavors, and ambiance ensures that every gastronomic journey is memorable.

Description of the variety of dining options available within the hotel

The Standard, London, boasts multiple dining venues, each tailored to offer a unique experience:

  • The Main Restaurant: This elegant establishment serves a plethora of international dishes, from classic British fare to global delicacies, ensuring a diverse palette for every diner.
  • Skyline Lounge: Located on the top floor, this lounge offers a mesmerizing view of the London skyline. It’s perfect for evening cocktails or a light snack.
  • The Bistro: For those who prefer a more casual setting, the bistro offers a relaxed environment with a menu of comfort food, sandwiches, and salads.
  • Patisserie Corner: A delight for those with a sweet tooth, this corner is home to an array of pastries, cakes, and gourmet coffees.

Review of food quality, variety, and presentation

The culinary team at The Standard, London, prides itself on sourcing the finest ingredients, ensuring that every dish is fresh, flavorful, and of the highest quality. The variety is commendable, catering to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences, with several vegan and gluten-free options available.

Presentation is an art form here. Each dish, be it a simple salad or a gourmet entrée, is plated with precision and creativity, making it a visual feast before it tantalizes the taste buds.

Mention of unique features or specialties in the hotel’s cuisine

A standout feature of The Standard’s cuisine is its commitment to sustainability. The hotel sources its produce from local farmers, ensuring freshness and supporting local businesses. The seasonal menu ensures that diners get the best of what’s available, resulting in dishes that are both flavorful and environmentally conscious.

Furthermore, the hotel often invites guest chefs, ensuring a rotating menu that brings global flavors to the table. Whether it’s a Mediterranean week or an Asian cuisine festival, there’s always something novel to look forward to.

In conclusion, dining at The Standard, London, is an amalgamation of flavors, aesthetics, and experiences. From the ambiance to the plate, every detail is curated to offer an unparalleled dining experience.

Standard London: Facilities and Services

The Standard, London, distinguishes itself not just by its luxurious accommodations and dining but also through an impressive array of facilities and services, each tailored to provide guests with a holistic, unforgettable experience.

Elaboration on the range of facilities available

  • Swimming Pool: The Standard boasts an indoor heated pool, a serene oasis in the midst of the bustling city. With an ambiance accentuated by soft lighting and contemporary décor, it’s an ideal spot for relaxation or a refreshing swim.
  • Fitness Center: For those keen on maintaining their fitness regimen, the hotel’s state-of-the-art fitness center is equipped with the latest cardio and strength-training equipment, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.
  • Spa: The spa at The Standard is a haven of tranquility. Offering a range of treatments, from rejuvenating massages to bespoke facials, it promises a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Business Center: Catering to the needs of corporate travelers, the hotel has a fully-equipped business center, offering services like printing, scanning, and meeting room facilities.

Discussion on additional services offered by the hotel

  • Concierge Service: The hotel’s concierge team is always at hand to assist guests, whether it’s booking a city tour, making a reservation at a sought-after restaurant, or arranging transportation.
  • 24-hour Room Service: Understanding the varied schedules of its guests, The Standard offers round-the-clock room service, ensuring delectable meals are available at any hour.
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning: With a promise of promptness and quality, the hotel’s laundry service ensures guests’ clothing is immaculate and ready when needed.
  • Valet Parking: Guests driving to the hotel can avail of the valet parking service, ensuring a hassle-free experience right from their arrival.

Comment on the efficiency and effectiveness of these facilities and services

What truly makes The Standard, London stand out is not just the presence of these facilities and services but their impeccable execution. The staff’s dedication to ensuring guest satisfaction is evident in their promptness and attention to detail. The facilities are maintained in pristine condition, reflecting the hotel’s commitment to quality and excellence. Whether it’s the spa therapists’ skilled hands or the fitness center’s state-of-the-art equipment, everything speaks of proficiency and quality.

In sum, The Standard, London, excels in marrying luxury with efficiency, ensuring guests not only enjoy opulent facilities but also benefit from services that are both effective and seamless.

Staff and Customer Service at Standard London

An establishment’s true essence is often reflected not just in its physical allure but in the human touch that shapes every guest’s experience. At The Standard, London, the staff and the service they provide play a pivotal role in the hotel’s renowned reputation.

Evaluation of the hotel’s staff professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness

The staff at The Standard is a seamless blend of professionalism and warmth. Their training is evident in their impeccable demeanor, from the precise way they handle tasks to their comprehensive knowledge about the hotel’s offerings and the city’s landmarks. But beyond their professional attributes, it’s their innate commitment to hospitality that stands out. Their genuine smiles, their eagerness to assist, and their attentive nature make every interaction pleasant.

Whether it’s the concierge who goes the extra mile to secure a reservation at a fully-booked restaurant or the housekeeping staff who ensure each room is in pristine condition, the helpfulness of the team is commendable. The warmth with which they approach their duties ensures that guests don’t just feel like patrons but like valued members of The Standard family.

Review of the hotel’s customer service responsiveness

In today’s digital age, responsiveness is crucial, and The Standard, London, excels in this domain. Whether it’s an email inquiry, a call to the reception, or a request made through their mobile app, the response is swift and informative. Issues, if any, are addressed promptly, with solutions often exceeding guest expectations. The hotel’s proactive approach, where potential concerns are anticipated and addressed before they arise, showcases their dedication to flawless customer service.

Moreover, feedback is actively sought, and the management’s openness to suggestions and critiques ensures continual improvement. This transparent and efficient communication channel instills confidence and trust among guests.

In conclusion, the staff and customer service at The Standard, London, embody the essence of premium hospitality. Through their consistent efforts, professionalism, and genuine warmth, they ensure that every guest’s stay is memorable and comfortable.

Standard London Location and Nearby Attractions

The locale of a hotel, especially in a city as vibrant as London, can make all the difference in a guest’s experience. The Standard, London, boasts a strategic location that offers both accessibility and a gateway to the city’s many treasures.

Analysis of the hotel’s location, accessibility, and proximity to tourist attractions

Nestled in the heart of London, The Standard’s location is both convenient for business travelers and explorers alike. Its proximity to major transportation hubs, including train and tube stations, ensures that guests can easily navigate the city, whether they’re heading to a business meeting or setting off on a sightseeing expedition.

Furthermore, its location is a boon for those keen on exploring London’s iconic landmarks. Many of the city’s prime attractions are either within walking distance or a short ride away, making it a strategic base for those eager to immerse themselves in London’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and entertainment.

Recommendation of nearby attractions for guests to visit

  • The British Museum: A mere stroll away, this iconic museum houses a vast collection of world art and artifacts, offering insights into human history and culture.
  • Covent Garden: Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Covent Garden is a hub of shops, restaurants, and street performances. It’s the perfect place for an evening stroll or to hunt for unique souvenirs.
  • The West End: For theatre aficionados, London’s West End, with its myriad of theaters showcasing world-class plays and musicals, is a must-visit.
  • King’s Cross Station & St Pancras International: Beyond its practical transportation uses, the area is rich in history and architectural splendor. Plus, Harry Potter enthusiasts will love the chance to see Platform 9¾!
  • Regent’s Park: For those seeking a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, Regent’s Park offers sprawling green spaces, serene lakes, and the renowned London Zoo.
  • Camden Market: A short journey away, this bustling market is perfect for those seeking eclectic shopping, diverse cuisines, and a taste of London’s alternative culture.

In essence, The Standard, London, offers an enviable location that not only ensures convenience but also opens up a world of exploration possibilities for its guests. Whether you’re a history buff, a culture vulture, or simply looking to soak in the city’s ambiance, The Standard serves as the perfect starting point.

Price and Value for Money at Standard London

In the world of luxury accommodations, discerning travelers are often on the lookout for establishments that offer both a touch of opulence and value for money. The Standard, London, aims to strike this balance, providing top-tier services while ensuring guests see value in every pound spent.

A detailed breakdown of costs for various aspects of the hotel


  • Standard Rooms: £250-£350 per night
  • Deluxe Suites: £400-£600 per night
  • Penthouse Suites: £700-£1,200 per night


  • Main Restaurant: Average £50-£70 per person for a three-course meal.
  • Skyline Lounge: Cocktails ranging from £12-£20; light snacks around £10-£30.
  • The Bistro: Meals averaging £20-£40 per person.
  • Patisserie Corner: Pastries and coffee ranging from £5-£15.

Facilities & Services:

  • Spa Treatments: Starting from £60 for a basic massage and going up to £200 for premium treatments.
  • Fitness Center: Complimentary for guests.
  • Business Center: Basic services like printing and scanning might be complimentary, with fees for extensive usage.

Assessment of whether the Standard London provides value for money

The Standard, London, situates itself as a luxury hotel, and the prices reflect this positioning. While the costs might seem on the higher side at a cursory glance, it’s essential to contextualize them within the broader framework of what’s being offered.

For the accommodation rates, guests aren’t just paying for a place to sleep. They’re investing in a holistic experience: rooms that boast the best in modern design, state-of-the-art amenities, and unparalleled views of the city. The dining prices too are justified when you consider the gourmet quality of the food, the ambiance of the dining venues, and the overall culinary experience.

The spa treatments and other facilities are competitively priced, in line with what one might expect from establishments of similar standing.

Given its prime location, the range of facilities, the quality of service, and the overall ambiance, one could argue that The Standard, London, does indeed provide value for money. It’s not just about the tangible aspects but the intangibles: the feeling of luxury, the attentive staff, the memories created. When all these are factored in, many guests would affirm that their stay at The Standard is worth every penny.

Table: Standard London Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Prime central location, easily accessible. Prices can be on the higher side for some guests.
Wide variety of dining options with gourmet quality. Potential noise from the bustling city surroundings.
State-of-the-art facilities (spa, pool, gym). Limited parking facilities (depending on demand).
Impeccable staff service and hospitality. Peak times may see crowded dining or facility areas.
Close proximity to major tourist attractions. Possible additional charges for certain amenities.
Modern, luxurious room designs with great views. Room availability might be limited during peak seasons.
Efficient customer service responsiveness. Some might find the design too modern or avant-garde.
Sustainable dining practices and local sourcing.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations on Standard London

The Standard, London, isn’t just a place to rest your head; it’s an experience that encapsulates the charm of London while offering the comfort and luxury of a top-tier establishment. From its prime location that provides easy access to London’s many wonders to the gourmet dining experiences, from the impeccable service of the staff to the state-of-the-art facilities, The Standard sets itself apart as a hotel that truly understands and caters to its guests. The modern design elements, while avant-garde to some, are a refreshing take on contemporary luxury and showcase the hotel’s commitment to being a trendsetter in the hospitality sector.

Recommendation on who the hotel would be suitable for

  • Business Travelers: Given its central location and proximity to various business hubs, as well as a fully-equipped business center, The Standard is ideal for corporate visitors. The efficient service ensures a seamless stay, allowing them to focus on their work.
  • Couples: Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a honeymoon, couples would find The Standard to be a perfect haven. The ambiance, dining options, and luxurious spa treatments make for an intimate and memorable experience.
  • Solo Travelers: For those exploring London on their own, The Standard offers a safe, comfortable, and luxurious base. The staff’s warmth ensures solo travelers never feel alone.
  • Cultural Enthusiasts: Being in close proximity to some of London’s most iconic landmarks and cultural venues, The Standard is a haven for those keen on immersing themselves in the city’s arts and history.
  • Families: While The Standard exudes a modern and upscale vibe, it’s still welcoming for families. Its proximity to attractions like the British Museum and Regent’s Park makes it convenient for family outings. However, families might want to ensure the room types and services align with their specific needs, especially if traveling with young children.

In conclusion, The Standard, London, stands as an emblem of modern luxury, blending the city’s dynamic spirit with opulent comforts. Whether you’re in London for work, leisure, or a mix of both, this hotel promises an experience that’s both memorable and worth every penny.


The Standard, London, emerges as a beacon of contemporary luxury in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic cities. A few highlights from our review include:

  • Location: Nestled in a prime central spot, it provides unparalleled access to London’s major attractions, making it an ideal choice whether you’re here for business or leisure.
  • Dining: With a range of gourmet dining options that tantalize the palate, The Standard ensures an epicurean journey for its guests.
  • Facilities & Services: From a rejuvenating spa to a modern gym, the hotel leaves no stone unturned in ensuring guests have access to top-tier amenities.
  • Rooms: Exuding modern luxury, the accommodations promise comfort coupled with aesthetic delight, making every stay memorable.
  • Staff & Customer Service: The warmth and professionalism of the staff underscore the hotel’s commitment to exemplary service.

Recap of the key points of the review and the overall rating for the Standard London

In light of the myriad of offerings and its consistent pursuit of excellence, our overall rating for The Standard, London, is a strong recommendation. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an experience, a journey through London’s vibrancy, wrapped in the comforts of modern luxury. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to the city, The Standard promises an encounter that will make London feel like a second home.

Features & Amenities

  • Amenities : Air conditioning, Parking Available, Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Accessible, Restaurant, Paid breakfast, Laundry service, Pet-friendly, Room service, Bar
  • Parking : The Standard, London offers limited on-site parking options. However, there are public parking facilities nearby. It's always best to check with the hotel directly for specific parking details and potential charges.

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10 Argyle Street, Camden, London, WC1H 8EG, United Kingdom,WC1H 8EG,London

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