Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

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Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
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Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh
Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh



Nestled in the heart of Scotland’s historic and vibrant capital, the Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh stands as a testament to timeless elegance and contemporary comfort. As one of Edinburgh’s treasured establishments, this hotel perfectly captures the essence of the city – a blend of tradition, history, and modernity. In this review, we will delve deep into the offerings of the Parliament House Hotel, shedding light on its prominence and understanding why it has become a preferred choice for many who visit Edinburgh. Whether you’re a history aficionado, a business traveler, or someone looking for a serene getaway, this hotel promises an experience tailored for all.

A brief overview of the review and the prominence of the Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

The Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh, a gem in the Scottish capital, elegantly juxtaposes old-world charm with contemporary amenities. Located in a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, this hotel has carved out a special place in the hearts of visitors. Throughout this review, we will explore the nuances that make the Parliament House Hotel stand out, providing an in-depth look at its significance in Edinburgh’s bustling hospitality scene. Whether visiting for its historic allure, the festivals, or the sheer beauty of Edinburgh, the Parliament House Hotel serves as an ideal gateway to the city’s myriad experiences.

First Impressions

From the very first moment of setting eyes on the Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh, it’s clear that this establishment offers a unique blend of historical charm with modern elegance. Nestled amidst the picturesque streets of Scotland’s capital, it exudes an aura of prestige and sophistication that is immediately palpable even before stepping inside.

Initial Approach and Exterior Appearance of the Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

As I approached the hotel, the refined stone architecture typical of Edinburgh’s historic buildings came into view. The structure, with its intricate detailing, speaks of the city’s rich history and pays homage to its architectural heritage. The hotel’s facade, resplendent in its beautifully preserved state, seamlessly blends into the surrounding Georgian and Victorian landscapes, while still making a distinctive statement. Tall windows, ornate carvings, and the occasional flutter of curtains gave glimpses into the luxurious experience that awaited within.

Ambiance and Welcome Feel upon Entering the Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

Stepping through the grand entrance, I was immediately enveloped by a warm and inviting ambiance. The reception area was illuminated by soft, ambient lighting that highlighted the hotel’s period features, from the rich wood paneling to the vintage chandeliers hanging gracefully overhead. The staff greeted me with genuine smiles and an eagerness to assist, making it clear that the Parliament House Hotel places a high premium on hospitality and ensuring guests feel right at home. Soft melodies played in the background, further enhancing the tranquil environment and setting the tone for a relaxing and luxurious stay.

In conclusion, the Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh promises an experience that begins with an awe-inspiring exterior and continues with unparalleled service and ambiance. This is a destination that embodies the spirit of Edinburgh – a harmonious blend of history and contemporary luxury.

Accommodation at Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

Nestled in the heart of Scotland’s capital, the Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh offers not just an impeccable location but an array of accommodations tailored to satisfy the discerning tastes of its guests. This historic establishment combines the splendor of the past with the comforts of the present, ensuring a memorable stay.

A Detailed Explanation of Room Types and Their Unique Features

  • Standard Rooms: Perfect for short stays or solo travelers, the standard rooms offer a cozy space with all the essential features. With a comfortable double bed and elegant furnishings reflecting Edinburgh’s charm, these rooms are an excellent choice for those looking for value without compromising on quality.
  • Deluxe Rooms: A step above the standard, the deluxe rooms are spacious with added amenities. Guests can enjoy views of the city’s skyline, and some rooms even offer a glimpse of the iconic Edinburgh Castle. These rooms often feature king-sized beds and a sitting area, perfect for relaxation after a day of sightseeing.
  • Junior Suites: The epitome of luxury, the junior suites provide guests with an expansive area that includes both sleeping and living spaces. Antique furnishings, rich drapery, and artworks curated to reflect Edinburgh’s rich history give these suites a palatial feel.
  • Special Themed Rooms: For those seeking something truly unique, the hotel offers specially themed rooms that dive deep into Edinburgh’s culture, history, and legends. Each room tells a story, making your stay an immersive experience.

Comfort and Cleanliness of the Rooms at Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

No matter the category, every room at the Parliament House Hotel prides itself on offering the utmost comfort. High-quality linens, plush pillows, and mattresses that cradle you to sleep are a standard. Furthermore, cleanliness is paramount. The hotel ensures rigorous and frequent cleaning protocols, ensuring that every room is spotless, fresh, and ready to welcome its guests.

Amenities Provided within the Rooms

Every room, irrespective of its category, is equipped with:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi for staying connected.
  • Flat-screen TV with a variety of channels.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities for that morning refreshment or late-night brew.
  • En-suite bathrooms with premium toiletries.
  • Room service for those times when you’d rather dine in privacy.
  • A mini-bar stocked with a selection of drinks and snacks.
  • Safe deposit boxes to secure your valuables.
  • Hairdryer, ironing facilities, and more, ensuring you look your best at all times.

In summation, the Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh guarantees not just a place to rest, but an experience that resonates with the heart of the city. Whether it’s the distinct rooms, the impeccable cleanliness, or the thoughtful amenities, every aspect of the stay is curated to perfection.

Dining Options at Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

The Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh is not just renowned for its splendid accommodations but also stands as a gastronomic landmark in the heart of the city. Whether you’re a gourmand or just someone looking to satiate your hunger after a day of exploration, the hotel’s dining options promise an experience that tantalizes your taste buds.

Description of the Variety of Dining Options Available within the Hotel

  • The Main Restaurant: An elegant and spacious dining area, the main restaurant boasts a menu that is a blend of traditional Scottish recipes with contemporary flair. With an extensive wine list and a rotating seasonal menu, it’s an ideal spot for both casual dinners and special occasions.
  • The Lounge Bar: For those who prefer a more relaxed setting, the Lounge Bar offers a wide variety of beverages, from expertly crafted cocktails to local and international brews. Paired with a selection of light snacks and appetizers, it’s the perfect place to unwind.
  • Afternoon Tea: Embracing a beloved British tradition, the hotel offers a lavish afternoon tea spread. Sip on finely brewed teas while indulging in an assortment of sandwiches, scones, pastries, and desserts.
  • Private Dining: For guests seeking a more intimate dining experience, the hotel offers private dining rooms. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a corporate gathering, the tailored menus and personalized service make it memorable.

Review of Food Quality, Variety, and Presentation

The Parliament House Hotel takes immense pride in sourcing the finest local ingredients, ensuring freshness and quality in every dish. The chefs showcase their expertise in crafting dishes that are not only delicious but also visually appealing. Presentation is meticulous, with every plate resembling a piece of art. The variety is commendable, catering to both local and international palates. From the succulent Scottish salmon to the rich and creamy desserts, every dish is a testament to the culinary excellence upheld by the hotel.

Mention of Unique Features or Specialties in the Hotel’s Cuisine

What truly sets the Parliament House Hotel’s cuisine apart are a few key specialties:

  • Scottish Seafood Delights: The hotel boasts a selection of the finest Scottish seafood. From mussels to scallops and haddock, it’s a seafood lover’s paradise.
  • Local Game and Meat: Drawing from Scotland’s rich hunting traditions, the menu often features game dishes that offer a true taste of the Scottish wilderness.
  • Whisky Pairing: No dining experience in Scotland is complete without whisky. The hotel offers curated whisky pairing menus, allowing guests to explore the synergy between food and the country’s most famed spirit.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Menus: Understanding the diverse preferences of its guests, the hotel offers a comprehensive vegan and vegetarian menu, ensuring everyone has a delightful dining experience.

In conclusion, the dining experience at the Parliament House Hotel is not just about food. It’s about celebrating Scotland’s rich culinary heritage, understanding the modern diner’s palate, and offering an experience that is both memorable and satisfying.

Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh Facilities and Services

The Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh is more than just a place of stay; it’s an emblem of luxury and comfort, where every detail is designed to provide guests with an unparalleled experience. Beyond the exquisite rooms and dining options, the hotel boasts a wealth of facilities and services, ensuring every need is met.

Elaboration on the Range of Facilities Available

  • Swimming Pool: Nestled within the confines of the hotel is a state-of-the-art indoor swimming pool. Lined with elegant tiles, surrounded by plush loungers, and illuminated by ambient lighting, it’s the perfect place to take a refreshing dip or relax with a book.
  • Fitness Center: Understanding the importance of wellness even during travels, the hotel offers a fully equipped fitness center. From cardio machines to resistance training equipment, it’s designed to cater to both novice and seasoned fitness enthusiasts.
  • Spa: A sanctuary of relaxation, the hotel’s spa offers a wide range of treatments. Be it a deep tissue massage, a rejuvenating facial, or a calming aromatherapy session, the professional therapists ensure you leave feeling revitalized.
  • Business Center: For corporate travelers, the hotel houses a state-of-the-art business center equipped with high-speed internet, printing facilities, and meeting rooms.

Discussion on Additional Services Offered by the Hotel

  • Concierge Services: Whether it’s booking a city tour, making a reservation at a coveted restaurant, or arranging transportation, the concierge team is on hand to assist with every request.
  • 24-Hour Room Service: Understanding the varied schedules of its guests, the hotel offers round-the-clock room service, ensuring you can savor a meal or snack whenever you wish.
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning: A boon for travelers, the hotel’s efficient laundry and dry cleaning services ensure you always have your best attire ready.
  • Valet Parking: The hotel offers a seamless valet parking service, ensuring guests don’t have to worry about the nuances of parking in the bustling city.

Comment on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of These Facilities and Services

Every facility at the Parliament House Hotel has been designed keeping the guest’s comfort in mind. The pool area, fitness center, and spa are maintained with impeccable standards, ensuring cleanliness and functionality at all times. What truly sets the hotel apart is the dedication of its staff. Whether it’s the trainers at the fitness center, therapists at the spa, or the concierge team, each member is trained to offer service par excellence.

The added services, such as 24-hour room service and laundry, operate smoothly, ensuring guests face no delays or inconveniences. Feedback from countless guests often highlights the seamless experience they have, be it using the hotel’s facilities or availing of its services.

In summary, the Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh is a holistic experience. Beyond the grandeur of its architecture and the comfort of its rooms lies an establishment dedicated to providing top-notch facilities and impeccable services, ensuring every guest’s stay is nothing short of perfection.

Staff and Customer Service at Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

At the heart of every great hotel experience lies a team of dedicated staff, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every guest’s stay is memorable. The Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh stands as a shining example of this principle, where the staff and the service they offer play a pivotal role in elevating the guest experience.

Evaluation of the Hotel’s Staff Professionalism, Helpfulness, and Friendliness

From the moment you step into the grandeur of the Parliament House Hotel, you are met with smiles, courteous nods, and an eagerness to assist. The professionalism exhibited by each staff member is immediately noticeable. Whether it’s the receptionist managing your check-in, the bellboy assisting with your luggage, or the housekeeping staff ensuring your room is spotless, every interaction is characterized by a blend of efficiency and grace.

Helpfulness is another hallmark of the Parliament House staff. Be it a request for an extra pillow, a query about the city’s attractions, or a dietary specification at the restaurant, the staff go above and beyond to accommodate and assist.

The friendliness of the staff truly sets the hotel apart. Conversations never feel transactional; instead, they have the warmth of genuine interest, making guests feel valued and at home.

Review of the Hotel’s Customer Service Responsiveness

In today’s digital age, the responsiveness of customer service, especially through digital channels, plays a crucial role in shaping a guest’s impression. At the Parliament House Hotel, this responsiveness is treated with the utmost importance. Whether it’s an email query, a phone call, or feedback through a digital platform, the hotel’s customer service team is prompt, addressing concerns or queries with alacrity.

Beyond just speed, it’s the quality of response that stands out. The team is trained to provide detailed, helpful, and personalized solutions. For instance, if a prospective guest enquires about special arrangements for a romantic evening, the response isn’t just an affirmation; it often comes with suggestions, options, and a touch of creativity to make the experience special.

In conclusion, the Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh truly understands that its staff and the service they offer are the backbone of its reputation. The consistent high praise it receives from guests, both for the warm interactions and the efficient problem-solving, stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence in service.

Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh: Location and Nearby Attractions

One of the primary considerations for travelers when choosing a place to stay is its location. The Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh not only offers an opulent stay experience but also boasts a prime location, making it an excellent base for those eager to explore the city’s myriad attractions.

Analysis of the Hotel’s Location, Accessibility, and Proximity to Tourist Attractions

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, the Parliament House Hotel provides easy accessibility to both the city’s transport hubs and its most renowned attractions. Being centrally located, it’s a stone’s throw away from key public transport routes, ensuring guests can easily venture out to farther parts of the city or even the outskirts.

Its proximity to some of Edinburgh’s major landmarks means that guests can often simply walk to many of the tourist attractions, allowing them to truly soak in the city’s historic charm and vibrant culture. The location also ensures a plethora of dining and shopping options nearby, adding to the convenience.

Recommendation of Nearby Attractions for Guests to Visit

  • Edinburgh Castle: Dominating the city’s skyline, this historic fortress offers a deep dive into Scotland’s history and provides panoramic views of Edinburgh.
  • The Royal Mile: Just a short walk from the hotel, this historic stretch is filled with shops, eateries, street performances, and a palpable sense of history.
  • Scottish Parliament: A marvel of modern architecture juxtaposed against the city’s historic backdrop, it’s an interesting visit for those keen on politics and architecture alike.
  • Holyrood Palace: The official residence of the British monarch in Scotland, this grand palace is rich in history and architectural splendor.
  • Arthur’s Seat: For those looking to indulge in a bit of nature, this ancient volcano and site of a 2000-year-old fort provides a moderate hike and stunning views of the city.
  • The National Museum of Scotland: Just a brief stroll away, it offers fascinating exhibits about Scottish history, nature, art, and culture.
  • Princes Street Gardens: Ideal for a leisurely afternoon, these gardens are not only a green oasis in the city but also offer views of the castle and monuments.
  • Edinburgh Dungeon: A fun and slightly eerie attraction, it offers a unique blend of live shows, exciting rides, and a dark journey through Scotland’s history.

Given its strategic location, the Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh is not just a place of stay but a gateway to the city’s soul. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or simply someone looking to explore, the hotel’s vicinity offers something for everyone.

Price and Value for Money at Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

For many travelers, striking a balance between cost and experience is paramount. The Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh is a noteworthy establishment that has positioned itself as a premium offering, but the question remains: does the price reflect the value received?

A Detailed Breakdown of Costs for Various Aspects of the Hotel


Standard Room: £150 per night
Deluxe Room: £220 per night
Suite: £350 per night


Main Restaurant:

  • Breakfast: £15
  • Lunch: £25
  • Dinner: £50 (three-course meal)

Lounge Bar:

  • Drinks: £8-£15
  • Light Snacks: £10-£20
  • Afternoon Tea: £30 per person

Spa Treatments:

  • Basic massage: £60 (60 minutes)
  • Facial treatments: £50 (45 minutes)
  • Full-day spa package: £150

Additional Services:

  • Valet parking: £20 per day
  • Laundry service: £15-£30 depending on items

Assessment of Whether the Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh Provides Value for Money

At a glance, the pricing for the Parliament House Hotel might appear on the higher side, but it’s essential to factor in what’s being offered in return:

  • Location: Being centrally located in Edinburgh, guests save both time and transportation costs. Many of Edinburgh’s main attractions are within walking distance, eliminating the need for frequent taxi rides or public transport.
  • Service: The hotel’s impeccable service, from the concierge to the dining staff, adds significant value. Personalized attention and prompt responses enhance the overall experience.
  • Facilities: With access to a top-notch fitness center, spa, swimming pool, and other amenities, guests receive a comprehensive hospitality package.
  • Dining: While the dining options might seem pricey, the emphasis on quality ingredients, culinary expertise, and the overall dining ambiance justifies the cost.
  • Accommodation: The rooms are not just about a bed to sleep in. They offer luxury, comfort, top-of-the-line amenities, and often breathtaking views of the city.
  • Intangibles: The ambiance, the architecture, the rich history of the building, and the overall feeling of being in a premium environment add intangible value to the stay.

When weighing the costs against the offerings, it becomes evident that while the Parliament House Hotel in Edinburgh is a premium choice, it delivers a comprehensive experience that aligns with its price point. For those looking for a blend of luxury, convenience, and top-tier services in the heart of Edinburgh, the hotel indeed offers value for money.

Table: Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Central Location: Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, allowing guests to access major attractions on foot. Price Point: Might be perceived as expensive by some travelers.
Service Excellence: Highly trained staff offering personalized attention. Potential Noise: Being in the city center, there might be occasional street noise or events.
Top-tier Facilities: Spa, swimming pool, fitness center, and more. Parking: Limited parking or potential extra cost for valet service.
Gourmet Dining: High-quality ingredients and a variety of dining options. Bookings: Due to its popularity, last-minute reservations might be challenging.
Historic Charm: The architecture and ambiance reflect Edinburgh’s rich history. No Kids’ Amenities: Might not have specific facilities or services tailored for children.
Spacious and Luxurious Rooms: Offering comfort, modern amenities, and often city views. Limited Room Types: Depending on the season, some room types might be quickly sold out.
Close to Public Transport: Easy access to buses, trams, and train stations. Dining Costs: While of high quality, some might find the dining options pricey.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations: Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

The Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh encapsulates the very essence of the city — a harmonious blend of historic charm and modern luxury. Its central location is undeniably one of its strongest assets, making it a prime spot for tourists to explore Edinburgh’s intricate tapestry of culture, history, and vibrant urban life.

Beyond location, what truly distinguishes the hotel is its dedication to providing an exceptional guest experience. Every aspect, from the opulent rooms adorned with contemporary amenities to the exquisite dining options, reflects a commitment to excellence. The staff’s professionalism and warmth further accentuate the feeling of being valued and catered to.

While the hotel does come with a premium price tag, the holistic experience it offers arguably justifies the cost, especially for those looking to indulge in a luxurious stay.

Recommendation on Who the Hotel Would Be Suitable For

  • Couples: Given its romantic ambiance, premium offerings, and proximity to some of the city’s most romantic spots, it’s an ideal choice for couples looking for a getaway.
  • Business Travelers: Its central location, top-tier facilities like meeting rooms, and high-speed internet make it a suitable choice for business travelers.
  • Solo Travelers: Safety, central location, and top-notch service make it a comfortable and convenient option for solo explorers.
  • Cultural Enthusiasts: Those keen on exploring Edinburgh’s rich history will find the hotel’s proximity to major landmarks a significant advantage.
  • Luxury Seekers: For those looking to indulge in a lavish stay experience, the hotel’s premium offerings tick all the right boxes.

However, families with young children might want to consider other options, given the potential lack of child-specific amenities. Also, budget travelers might find it a tad expensive for their liking.

In conclusion, the Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh is a gem in the city’s hospitality scene. Its unique blend of historical allure and modern luxury makes it a sought-after choice for many. While it caters to a broad audience, it’s especially recommended for those looking to immerse themselves in a blend of Scottish tradition and contemporary elegance.


The Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh seamlessly intertwines the magic of Scottish history with the luxury of modern hospitality. Nestled in the heart of the city, it boasts unparalleled accessibility to Edinburgh’s signature attractions, ensuring guests are always just a stroll away from their next adventure.

Recap of the key points of the review and the overall rating for the Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh

  • Prime Location: Its central position makes it an ideal launchpad for both sightseeing and business ventures.
  • Outstanding Service: A dedicated team ensures guests receive a personalized and memorable experience throughout their stay.
  • Diverse Amenities: From a state-of-the-art spa to gourmet dining options, the hotel is equipped to cater to a myriad of guest needs.
  • Elegant Accommodations: The rooms exude luxury, comfort, and often come with scenic views of the historic city.

However, as with any establishment, there are aspects to consider. Its premium pricing might deter budget travelers, and families with young children could potentially find more child-centric amenities elsewhere.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

For those seeking a mix of heritage, luxury, and top-tier service, the Parliament House Hotel Edinburgh stands as a remarkable choice. It promises not just a place to rest but an experience that lingers long after the journey ends.

Features & Amenities

  • Amenities : Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Accessible, Kid-friendly , Restaurant, Bar
  • Parking : specific parking details for the Nomad Hotel London were not available in my database. However, many hotels in central London often have limited parking or utilize nearby public parking facilities. It's recommended to contact the Nomad Hotel London directly or check their official website for the most up-to-date information on parking options and fees.

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