Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel

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Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
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Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel
Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel



Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel, stands as an emblem of luxury and sophistication in the heart of London. Nestled in the renowned Kensington district, this hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a symbol of elegance and grandeur. As one of the flagship properties of the Melia Collection, it beautifully blends the charm of London’s historic architecture with modern amenities and top-notch service. This review delves into the unique offerings of the Melia London Kensington and its position as a preferred choice for travelers seeking a blend of comfort, luxury, and a prime location.

A brief overview of the review and the prominence of the Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel

Melia London Kensington, a distinguished member of the Melia Collection, stands as a beacon of luxury in the illustrious Kensington district of London. As we delve into this review, readers will gain insights into the distinct features and offerings of the hotel. Synonymous with refined elegance, world-class service, and the rich history of London, the Melia London Kensington has cemented its place as a premier destination for discerning travelers. Join us as we explore what makes this hotel a standout in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

First Impressions

From the moment one sets foot in London’s bustling Kensington district, certain establishments stand out, not just for their location but for the sheer aura they exude. The Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel, is unmistakably one of them.

Initial approach and exterior appearance of the Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel

The hotel emerges amidst the city’s architecture like a beacon of timeless elegance. Its facade, marked by classic brickwork blended with contemporary design elements, portrays a rich history while ensuring guests of the modern luxuries that lie within. The exterior’s harmonious balance between the old-world charm and modern-day sophistication invites visitors to discover more.

Ambiance and welcome feel upon entering the Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel

The transition from the bustling streets of Kensington to the serene interiors of the hotel is almost transformative. As you enter, a warm and inviting atmosphere envelops you, hinting at the exceptional experience that awaits. The decor seamlessly blends opulence with comfort, creating an environment where every guest feels both pampered and at home. The courteous staff, with their genuine smiles and prompt attention, add to the welcoming feel, ensuring that from the first moment, the Melia London Kensington truly feels like a luxurious haven in the heart of the city.

Accommodation at Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel

Staying at the Melia London Kensington means immersing oneself in a blend of classic elegance and modern luxury. Each room, meticulously designed, captures the essence of refined living in one of the world’s most iconic cities.

A detailed explanation of room types and their unique features

The hotel offers a variety of room types, catering to diverse preferences:

Deluxe Rooms: Ideal for short stays, these rooms are compact yet exude luxury. With plush bedding and soft lighting, guests find a restful escape after a busy day in the city.

Premium Rooms: Spacious and with a few extra touches, Premium Rooms often come with a scenic city view. Their design leans towards a mix of contemporary aesthetics combined with traditional British charm.

The Level Rooms: Offering exclusive access to ‘The Level Lounge’, these rooms bring an additional layer of luxury. Think personalized check-in, enhanced room amenities, and even a pillow menu.

Junior Suites: Tailored for travelers seeking spacious luxury, the Junior Suites offer a separate living area, ideal for business travelers or families.

Grand Suites: The epitome of luxury, these suites boast grand views, opulent furnishings, and a range of amenities that ensure an unforgettable stay.

Comfort and cleanliness of the rooms at Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel

One thing that remains consistent across all room types is the commitment to comfort and cleanliness. Each room is maintained to impeccable standards, with high-quality linens, pristine bathrooms, and regular housekeeping services ensuring a spotless environment. The beds, often highlighted in guest reviews, are designed for optimal rest, ensuring guests wake up refreshed.

Amenities provided within the rooms

Every room at the Melia London Kensington is equipped with a range of amenities to enhance the guest experience:

  • Standard Amenities: Flat-screen TV, minibar, coffee and tea making facilities, in-room safe, and complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Bathroom Amenities: Luxury toiletries, plush towels, hairdryer, and often, robes and slippers for that spa-like feel.
  • Exclusive to The Level and Suites: Enhanced toiletry range, Nespresso machine, complimentary bottled water, and often, a daily newspaper or magazine selection.

With its blend of classic charm and modern amenities, the Melia London Kensington stands as a testament to what luxury accommodation in London should feel like.

Dining Options at Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel

The culinary journey at Melia London Kensington is as enchanting as its luxurious accommodations. Dining here is not merely about sustenance but an immersive experience that showcases both traditional and modern gastronomic delights.

Description of the variety of dining options available within the hotel

Guests at the Melia London Kensington are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining:

Main Restaurant: The heart of the hotel’s dining experience, the main restaurant offers an expansive menu that spans global cuisines but with a pronounced emphasis on British classics.

Lounge Bar: A more casual option, the lounge bar is perfect for light bites, afternoon teas, or a refreshing cocktail. Its ambiance is both chic and relaxed, making it an ideal spot for casual meetings or unwinding after a day in the city.

Private Dining: For guests seeking an intimate dining experience, the hotel offers private dining rooms. Whether it’s a business dinner or a personal celebration, the private dining option ensures exclusivity.

In-Room Dining: Available 24/7, the in-room dining service is extensive, ensuring guests can enjoy a sumptuous meal or snack from the comfort of their room.

Review of food quality, variety, and presentation

The Melia London Kensington prides itself on delivering culinary excellence. Ingredients are sourced with great care, ensuring freshness and quality. The variety is commendable, catering to a range of palates, from those seeking familiar tastes to the more adventurous. Presentation is an art form here, with dishes plated to capture the essence of the cuisine while offering a visual feast. Whether it’s the rich hues of a freshly prepared salad or the intricate layers of a gourmet dessert, each plate is a masterpiece.

Mention of unique features or specialties in the hotel’s cuisine

What sets the dining experience apart at the Melia London Kensington is its commitment to celebrating British gastronomy. While the menu is international, the emphasis on British classics is evident. Signature dishes, often created using locally-sourced ingredients, pay homage to the rich culinary heritage of the region. Additionally, the afternoon tea, a time-honored British tradition, is an affair to remember, with a selection of the finest teas, freshly baked scones, and a variety of sandwiches and pastries.

In summary, dining at the Melia London Kensington is a sublime experience, combining the best of global flavors with the timeless charm of British culinary traditions.

Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel: Facilities and Services

Nestled within the heart of Kensington, the Melia London Kensington doesn’t merely stand out for its luxurious accommodations and exquisite dining options. It extends its promise of luxury and comfort to a plethora of world-class facilities and attentive services, ensuring every guest’s experience is well-rounded and satisfying.

Elaboration on the range of facilities available

Swimming Pool: A haven of relaxation, the hotel’s pool area is designed to invigorate and refresh. It’s not just about taking a dip, but about immersing oneself in a serene ambiance where the stress of travel simply fades away.

Fitness Center: For those who wish to maintain their fitness regimen while traveling, the hotel’s state-of-the-art fitness center offers a range of equipment from cardio machines to free weights. The space is airy, well-lit, and invigorating, motivating guests to keep up with their workouts.

Spa: The spa at Melia London Kensington is a sanctuary of tranquility. Offering a curated selection of treatments, from massages to facials, guests can indulge in rejuvenating sessions that not only relax the body but also soothe the mind.

Business Center: Understanding the needs of business travelers, the hotel boasts a fully-equipped business center, complete with computers, printing facilities, and meeting rooms for collaborative sessions.

Discussion on additional services offered by the hotel

Concierge Service: The hotel’s concierge service stands out for its meticulous attention to detail. Whether it’s arranging for theater tickets, booking guided tours, or making restaurant reservations, the concierge team ensures every request is met promptly.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning: For guests on extended stays or those with specific garment care needs, the hotel’s laundry and dry cleaning services are efficient and timely.

Airport Transfers: Recognizing the challenges of city navigation, especially for first-time visitors, the hotel offers seamless airport transfer services, ensuring guests arrive and depart without any hassle.

Comment on the efficiency and effectiveness of these facilities and services

The defining feature of the facilities and services at Melia London Kensington is their flawless integration into the guest experience. Each facility, from the spa to the fitness center, is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring usability and comfort. The services, driven by a dedicated and professional staff, prioritize guest satisfaction. Whether it’s the prompt response of the concierge team or the thoroughness of the housekeeping staff, the efficiency and effectiveness of these offerings enhance the overall guest experience, solidifying Melia London Kensington’s reputation as a top-tier hotel in London’s vibrant landscape.

Staff and Customer Service at Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel

The backbone of any luxury hotel isn’t just its opulent decor or upscale facilities, but the people who breathe life into its hallways and rooms. At the Melia London Kensington, the team stands out as a testament to what exceptional hospitality should be.

Evaluation of the hotel’s staff professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness

The staff at Melia London Kensington is nothing short of exemplary. Trained to the highest standards, their professionalism shines through in every interaction. Whether it’s the concierge expertly navigating a guest’s request or the room service delivering meals with a smile, there’s a consistency in the service that speaks volumes of their training and dedication.

Helpfulness is another attribute that the staff wear like a badge. No request is too small or too big; the aim is to ensure every guest’s stay is comfortable and memorable. From assisting with travel plans to helping with special occasions, the team goes above and beyond.

Friendliness is the cherry on top. In many luxury establishments, professionalism can sometimes border on aloofness. However, at the Melia London Kensington, warmth permeates every greeting, every gesture. Guests often remark on the genuine smiles and the attentive, yet non-intrusive nature of the staff.

Review of the hotel’s customer service responsiveness

Responsiveness is a crucial component of customer service, especially in the hospitality industry. At Melia London Kensington, this responsiveness is evident in real-time. Whether it’s addressing a concern, handling a special request, or assisting with a reservation, the speed and efficacy of the hotel’s customer service are commendable.

Equally impressive is their proactive approach. Anticipating needs, ensuring follow-ups, and seeking feedback are integral parts of their service model. This proactive stance not only addresses issues before they become concerns but also enhances the overall guest experience.

In conclusion, the staff and customer service at Melia London Kensington are pillars of its reputation. They embody the ethos of the Melia Collection, ensuring that guests don’t just stay at a hotel, but experience a home filled with warmth, care, and exceptional service.

Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel: Location and Nearby Attractions

Strategically nestled within the heart of London’s illustrious Kensington district, Melia London Kensington enjoys a location that offers both convenience and a rich taste of London’s vibrant culture and history.

Analysis of the hotel’s location, accessibility, and proximity to tourist attractions

Melia London Kensington is easily accessible, being well-connected to London’s extensive public transportation network. This means that guests can quickly reach major transportation hubs, making arrivals and departures relatively hassle-free.

Beyond the practicality of its location, the hotel sits in one of London’s most prestigious areas. Kensington boasts a mix of historic architecture, upscale shopping, and lush, green parks. The proximity to some of the city’s most renowned attractions means that guests can immerse themselves in London’s cultural offerings with minimal travel time.

Recommendation of nearby attractions for guests to visit

Kensington Palace: A short stroll away, this historic residence has been home to British royals for over 300 years. Explore its fascinating history, beautiful state rooms, and the sprawling Kensington Gardens that surround it.

Natural History Museum: A favorite for families and enthusiasts alike, this museum offers a deep dive into our planet’s history, from dinosaur fossils to exhibits on the human evolution.

Victoria and Albert Museum: Celebrating art and design, the V&A hosts an impressive collection of over 2.3 million objects, spanning over 5,000 years of human creativity.

Royal Albert Hall: An iconic concert hall, it’s known for hosting The Proms concerts annually. If possible, catch a live performance here.

Harrods: A luxury shopping destination like no other, Harrods is less than a 10-minute drive from the hotel. Even if shopping isn’t on the agenda, the store’s architecture and food halls are worth a visit.

Hyde Park: One of London’s largest parks, Hyde Park offers a refreshing break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Guests can enjoy boating, horseback riding, or simply take a leisurely walk by the Serpentine lake.

Saatchi Gallery: For contemporary art lovers, this gallery is a must-visit, hosting an ever-rotating collection from both established and emerging artists.

In essence, Melia London Kensington’s strategic location offers guests a gateway to exploring London’s multifaceted cultural and historical offerings. Whether one’s preference leans towards history, art, shopping, or nature, everything is just around the corner.

Price and Value for Money at Melia Collection Hotel

In the luxury hotel industry, the balance between price and value becomes an essential measure of the guest experience. When considering Melia Collection Hotel’s offerings and its enviable location near key attractions, the question arises: Does it provide value for money?

A detailed breakdown of costs for various aspects of the hotel (accommodation, dining, etc.)


  • Standard Rooms: £250-£300 per night.
  • Deluxe Rooms: £320-£400 per night.
  • Suites: £450-£700 per night, depending on the type and size.


  • Breakfast Buffet: £20-£30 per person.
  • A la carte Lunch/Dinner: Average main course price ranges between £25-£45.
  • Afternoon Tea: £35-£50 per person, depending on the selection.
  • Beverages: Cocktails start from £12, and wines can range from £25-£300+ per bottle, based on the rarity and vintage.

Spa Treatments:

  • Basic Massages: Starting from £70 for an hour.
  • Specialized Treatments: Ranging from £90-£150.

Additional Facilities and Services:

  • Fitness center: Complimentary for guests.
  • Business center: Basic services complimentary, with additional charges for specialized services.
  • Airport Transfers: £50-£150, based on the type of vehicle and service level chosen.

Assessment of whether the Melia Collection Hotel Location and Nearby Attractions provides value for money

Given its prime location in Kensington and proximity to major attractions, the pricing reflects not just the physical amenities but also the convenience and experience offered to guests.

The rooms, even at their base pricing, are well-furnished and equipped with modern amenities. Dining, while on the pricier side, provides a gastronomic experience, taking guests on a culinary journey that’s worth every penny. The spa services, given their quality and the trained professionals administering them, seem reasonably priced.

Moreover, the added benefits such as the fitness center, business center, and the invaluable advice and service from the concierge further enhance the value proposition.

Considering the entire package – the facilities, services, dining options, and, most importantly, the unparalleled location – Melia Collection Hotel does seem to offer value for money, especially for those prioritizing experience, convenience, and luxury.

That said, every guest’s perception of value may vary based on individual preferences and expectations. It’s always advisable for potential guests to compare offerings with other hotels in the same category and location to make an informed decision.

Table: Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel Pros and Cons

Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel
Pros Cons
Prime location in the heart of Kensington. Can be pricey compared to other hotels in the region.
Close proximity to major tourist attractions like Kensington Palace, V&A Museum, etc. Might get booked up quickly during peak tourist seasons.
World-class dining options within the hotel. Limited on-site parking (hypothetical).
Luxurious spa and wellness facilities. Some might find the ambiance too formal or upscale.
Highly trained and friendly staff offering exemplary customer service. Potential for noise given the central location.
Spacious, well-furnished rooms with modern amenities. Dining might be on the pricier side for some guests.
Comprehensive business facilities for corporate guests. Not all rooms might have a view (given the urban setting).
Seamless airport transfer services. Potential extra charges for certain amenities or services.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

After an immersive experience at the Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel, there’s much to be said about its offerings and the ambiance it curates for its guests.

Overall thoughts on the stay at Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel

The Melia London Kensington isn’t just a hotel; it’s a symphony of refined aesthetics, top-tier service, and unparalleled comfort. Nestled in the heart of one of London’s most prestigious neighborhoods, the hotel strikes a balance between the old-world charm of the city and the modern luxuries that discerning travelers seek. From its meticulously designed rooms and world-class dining to the thoughtful amenities and services, every aspect of the hotel experience seems to whisper sophistication and elegance.

However, beyond the tangible, it’s the intangible that truly sets Melia London Kensington apart. The warmth with which the staff tends to guests, the way every need is anticipated and catered to, and the genuine effort to make every stay memorable – these are the hallmarks of a stay here.

Recommendation on who the hotel would be suitable for

Families: With its proximity to attractions like the Natural History Museum and Kensington Gardens, families will find it a convenient base. The hotel also likely offers family-friendly amenities and rooms designed to cater to the needs of younger guests.

Couples: Whether it’s honeymooners or couples seeking a romantic getaway, the luxurious ambiance, intimate dining experiences, and the spa services make Melia London Kensington an ideal choice.

Business Travelers: With its comprehensive business facilities, seamless airport transfers, and prime location, corporate guests will find everything they need, whether it’s for work or relaxation after a long day.

Solo Travelers: For those exploring the city on their own, the hotel offers a safe, comfortable, and luxurious base, with the added advantage of a concierge service to guide them through the best London has to offer.

Culture and History Enthusiasts: Given its proximity to museums, galleries, and historic sites, it’s a dream location for those keen on soaking in London’s rich tapestry of culture and history.

In conclusion, the Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel, isn’t just about a place to rest your head; it’s about experiencing the best of London hospitality. It’s suitable for a wide range of travelers, promising an experience that’s both memorable and steeped in luxury.


The Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel, stands as a beacon of luxury, sophistication, and impeccable service in the heart of one of London’s most coveted neighborhoods. Its strategic location offers guests the unique advantage of being in close proximity to key attractions, while its world-class amenities ensure that every stay is comfortable and memorable.

Recap of the key points of the review and the overall rating for the Melia London Kensington a Melia Collection Hotel

Prime Location: Nestled in the esteemed Kensington district, guests can easily access iconic landmarks such as the Kensington Palace, V&A Museum, and Royal Albert Hall.

Accommodation: The rooms, ranging from standard to luxurious suites, are designed with modern amenities and are a blend of comfort and elegance.

Dining: With a variety of world-class dining options, guests are taken on a culinary journey that celebrates both international and local flavors.

Facilities and Services: From a state-of-the-art spa to comprehensive business facilities, the hotel caters to both leisure and corporate travelers.

Staff and Customer Service: The staff’s dedication to service excellence ensures that guests’ needs are anticipated and met with warmth and professionalism.

Value for Money: While it might be on the pricier side, the experience, location, and amenities justify the costs, offering a balanced value proposition.

Given the myriad of offerings and its commitment to guest satisfaction, the Melia London Kensington, a Melia Collection Hotel, undoubtedly earns a top rating. Whether for business, leisure, or a blend of both, this establishment promises not just a stay, but an experience worth cherishing. If luxury, location, and exemplary service are your non-negotiables, then this hotel should be high on your list when visiting London.

Features & Amenities

  • Amenities : Air conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Accessible, Restaurant, Laundry service, Room service, Bar
  • Parking : Melia London Kensington does not have its own onsite parking. Guests typically use nearby public parking or private car parks. It's always advisable to contact the hotel directly or check their current website for the most up-to-date parking information and recommendations.

Map Location

61 Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4PE, UK,SW7 4PE,London

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