London Marriott Hotel County Hall

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London Marriott Hotel County Hall
London Marriott Hotel County Hall
London Marriott Hotel County Hall
London Marriott Hotel County Hall
London Marriott Hotel County Hall
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London Marriott Hotel County Hall
London Marriott Hotel County Hall
London Marriott Hotel County Hall
London Marriott Hotel County Hall
London Marriott Hotel County Hall



The London Marriott Hotel County Hall, with its commanding presence along the River Thames, stands as an emblem of luxury, history, and modernity. Once the seat of London’s government, this iconic building now hosts guests from around the world, offering them unparalleled views of the city’s landmarks and a stay steeped in British elegance. This review delves into the nuances of this majestic hotel, exploring its amenities, service quality, and its storied place in London’s rich tapestry. Whether you’re a traveler planning your next sojourn or a connoisseur of historic architecture, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall promises a blend of the past and the present in its grandeur.

A brief overview of the review and the prominence of the London Marriott Hotel County Hall

Nestled on the iconic South Bank of the River Thames, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall is not just a hotel—it’s a chapter in the city’s rich history. This review offers an insightful journey into the hotel’s impeccable services, grand architecture, and its unparalleled position in the heart of London. From its historic roots as the city’s government seat to its current status as a beacon of luxury hospitality, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall stands as a testament to London’s ever-evolving narrative. Join us as we uncover what makes this establishment not only a premier lodging choice but also a landmark in its own right.

First Impressions

The moment one sets foot near the vicinity of the River Thames’ South Bank, the immediate sight of the London Marriott Hotel County Hall promises a tale of grandeur and history.

Initial Approach and Exterior Appearance of the London Marriott Hotel County Hall

As one approaches, the hotel’s imposing edifice, built with intricate craftsmanship reminiscent of early 20th-century architecture, stands majestically. The hotel’s facade, elegantly adorned with subtle details and robust stonework, captures the essence of London’s rich architectural legacy. The classic design, combined with the strategic placement beside the iconic river, offers a magnificent juxtaposition of the city’s historic charm and the bustling vibrancy of the waterside.

Ambiance and Welcome Feel upon Entering the London Marriott Hotel County Hall

Stepping inside, one is immediately enveloped by a sense of warmth and grandeur. The ambiance strikes a perfect balance between luxury and comfort, welcoming guests with open arms. Crystal chandeliers cast a gentle glow, highlighting the polished wooden accents and plush furnishings. The staff, with their genuine smiles and impeccable manners, ensure that every visitor feels not just as a guest, but as part of the hotel’s extended family. The harmonious blend of heritage and hospitality creates an immediate sense of belonging, setting the tone for a memorable stay in the heart of London.

Accommodation at London Marriott Hotel County Hall

When it comes to choosing the right accommodation, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall ensures a plethora of options that cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Standard Rooms: Perfect for business travelers or short stays, these rooms offer a cozy retreat with all essential amenities. Thoughtful design ensures optimum space utilization, combining comfort with functionality.

Deluxe Rooms: A step above in terms of space and view, the Deluxe rooms afford guests a more panoramic view of the River Thames or the city skyline. Additional seating areas and upgraded amenities set these rooms apart.

Suites: For those seeking an unparalleled luxury experience, the suites at the hotel are the epitome of opulence. Ranging from Junior Suites to the grand Presidential Suite, these accommodations boast spacious living areas, exquisite furnishings, and breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

Comfort and Cleanliness of the Rooms at London Marriott Hotel County Hall

One of the standout features of the hotel is its unwavering commitment to comfort and cleanliness. Each room is meticulously cleaned and sanitized, adhering to the highest standards. Luxurious linens adorn the beds, promising a restful night’s sleep, while the tasteful decor creates a soothing ambiance. The tranquil color palette, combined with subtle lighting, ensures that every room serves as a serene haven away from the city’s hustle.

Amenities Provided within the Rooms

Every room at the London Marriott Hotel County Hall is equipped with modern amenities to enhance the guest experience. Standard features across all rooms include:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity.
  • Flat-screen TVs with a comprehensive selection of international channels.
  • Mini-bar stocked with a curated selection of beverages and snacks.
  • In-room safes for securing valuables.
  • Luxurious toiletries that invigorate the senses.
  • Tea and coffee-making facilities for a quick caffeine fix.

Furthermore, suites come with additional amenities such as complimentary bottle of wine, daily turndown service, and access to the executive lounge, ensuring a stay marked by exclusivity and distinction.

In summary, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall promises not just a stay but an experience, where every aspect, from room type to amenities, has been thoughtfully curated to offer guests the very best of British hospitality.

Dining Options at London Marriott Hotel County Hall

One of the highlights of a stay at the London Marriott Hotel County Hall is undoubtedly its exquisite dining options. The hotel is a gastronomic delight, offering a range of venues to satiate diverse culinary cravings.

Description of the variety of dining options available within the hotel

The Library: Reminiscent of a classic British library, this venue offers traditional afternoon tea in an elegant setting. Think plush leather chairs, mahogany bookshelves, and an array of delicious pastries and sandwiches accompanied by a fine selection of teas.

Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar: Offering breathtaking views of the River Thames, Gillray’s specializes in succulent steaks sourced from the finest English farms. Paired with their extensive collection of wines and artisanal cocktails, it’s a meat lover’s paradise.

Riverside Café: Ideal for a casual breakfast or brunch, the Riverside Café boasts a versatile menu that incorporates both local and international flavors.

Review of Food Quality, Variety, and Presentation

The London Marriott Hotel County Hall leaves no stone unturned in ensuring its dining experience is top-notch. The quality of the food is impeccable, with a keen emphasis on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The variety is commendable, catering to a global palate while still paying homage to classic British dishes.

Presentation is an art form here. Dishes are plated with finesse, showcasing a blend of colors, textures, and garnishes that make them as visually appealing as they are delicious.

Mention of Unique Features or Specialties in the Hotel’s Cuisine

What sets the dining experience apart at the London Marriott Hotel County Hall is their commitment to authenticity. The Gillray’s Steakhouse, for instance, offers a signature range of cuts that are matured for a specific number of days, ensuring maximum flavor and tenderness. Their steak sauces, infused with various herbs and spirits, are a revelation in themselves.

The Library’s afternoon tea is another highlight. Guests can indulge in a historical journey, tasting teas that were popular during specific eras, accompanied by pastries and sandwiches inspired from the same period.

Lastly, the hotel takes pride in catering to various dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring everyone has a delightful culinary journey.

In conclusion, dining at the London Marriott Hotel County Hall isn’t just about food; it’s an experience that tantalizes the senses, making each meal a memorable affair.

London Marriott Hotel County Hall Facilities and Services

The London Marriott Hotel County Hall goes beyond mere accommodation, offering a gamut of top-tier facilities and services that enrich the guest experience.

Elaboration on the Range of Facilities Available

Swimming Pool: One of the hotel’s crowning jewels is its indoor swimming pool. Elegantly designed and maintained at a comfortable temperature, it’s a serene escape for guests. Overlooking the Thames, the pool area allows swimmers a unique view while they unwind.

Fitness Center: For those keen on maintaining their fitness regime, the hotel houses a state-of-the-art fitness center. Equipped with modern machines, free weights, and a dedicated space for aerobics and yoga, it ensures guests have no break in their workout routine.

Spa: A haven of relaxation, the spa at London Marriott Hotel County Hall offers a range of therapeutic massages, facials, and body treatments. Using premium products and techniques, the spa aims to rejuvenate both the body and mind.

Discussion on Additional Services Offered by the Hotel

Concierge Service: The hotel prides itself on its exceptional concierge team, ever ready to assist guests. Whether it’s booking theater tickets, recommending local attractions, or arranging transportation, the concierge ensures a hassle-free stay.

Event Facilities: For business travelers and those looking to host events, the hotel offers a range of versatile meeting rooms and banquet halls, equipped with state-of-the-art AV technology.

Room Service: Operating round the clock, the room service ensures that guests can savor delectable meals in the comfort of their rooms.

Comment on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of these Facilities and Services

The London Marriott Hotel County Hall has consistently received accolades for the efficiency and effectiveness of its facilities and services. The swimming pool, with its unique view, offers an experience unlike any other in the city. The fitness center and spa are meticulously maintained, ensuring that guests have a top-tier experience.

What truly stands out, however, is the staff’s commitment to guest satisfaction. The concierge service, often hailed as one of the best in London, goes above and beyond to accommodate requests. The room service is prompt, with food reaching guests hot and in perfect condition.

In summary, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall doesn’t just offer facilities and services; it excels in them, setting benchmarks in hospitality and ensuring that guests have a truly remarkable stay.

Staff and Customer Service at London Marriott Hotel County Hall

A hotel’s essence often lies not just in its infrastructure or amenities but in the people who breathe life into its corridors and rooms. At the London Marriott Hotel County Hall, the staff and their dedication to impeccable service stand as testament to this belief.

Evaluation of the Hotel’s Staff Professionalism, Helpfulness, and Friendliness

From the moment guests step into the hotel, they are met with an air of genuine warmth and professionalism. Each member of the team, from the concierge to housekeeping, showcases an admirable blend of expertise and courtesy. The staff exudes a genuine passion for their roles, ensuring that every guest feels valued and attended to.

One of the key attributes consistently noted by guests is the staff’s proactiveness. Be it anticipating a guest’s needs, offering local sightseeing recommendations, or simply sharing a warm smile in passing, these gestures often transform a good stay into a memorable one. The staff’s training is evident, but it’s their innate sense of hospitality that truly makes a difference.

Review of the Hotel’s Customer Service Responsiveness

In the age of digital connectivity, customer service responsiveness plays a pivotal role. At the London Marriott Hotel County Hall, this responsiveness is of paramount importance. Queries sent via email or through the hotel’s website are addressed promptly. Feedback, both positive and constructive, is welcomed, and the management often takes the extra step of personally reaching out to guests to ensure their concerns are resolved.

Furthermore, the front desk operates 24/7, ensuring that any in-house requests or issues are dealt with immediately. Whether it’s a midnight snack craving, a need for extra pillows, or a question about local transport, the team is always ready to assist.

In conclusion, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall shines not just because of its iconic location or luxurious amenities but largely due to its staff and their unwavering commitment to exceptional service. It’s this dedication that has solidified the hotel’s reputation as a bastion of hospitality in the heart of London.

London Marriott Hotel County Hall Location and Nearby Attractions

Positioned majestically on the South Bank of the River Thames, the location of the London Marriott Hotel County Hall is nothing short of enviable. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a gateway to London’s most iconic landmarks and experiences.

Analysis of the Hotel’s Location, Accessibility, and Proximity to Tourist Attractions

Located in one of London’s most vibrant areas, the hotel offers direct views of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the sweeping arcs of the River Thames. Its location ensures that guests are at the heart of London’s pulse, with easy access to public transport. The Westminster and Waterloo underground stations are just a short walk away, making the rest of the city easily accessible.

Besides its proximity to major transport hubs, the hotel is also surrounded by a plethora of tourist attractions. The South Bank area is a cultural hub, teeming with theaters, galleries, and street performers.

Recommendation of Nearby Attractions for Guests to Visit

  • The London Eye: Just a stone’s throw away from the hotel, this iconic Ferris wheel offers panoramic views of the city. It’s a must-visit, especially during the evening when London lights up.
  • The Southbank Centre: A melting pot of cultural activities, it houses the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and the Hayward Gallery. From music to theater and art exhibitions, there’s always something happening here.
  • Sea Life London Aquarium: Located adjacent to the hotel, it’s a fascinating underwater world waiting to be explored, making it perfect for families.
  • Westminster Bridge and Big Ben: A short walk will take guests to these iconic landmarks. The bridge itself is historic and offers a picturesque view of both the Parliament and the river.
  • The Tate Modern: Art enthusiasts can take a pleasant riverside walk from the hotel to this renowned modern art museum.
  • Borough Market: A bit further afield but easily accessible, this is London’s most renowned food and drink market, offering a smorgasbord of flavors from around the world.
  • The Shard: For those looking to capture London’s skyline, a visit to the viewing platform of this iconic skyscraper is highly recommended.

In essence, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall not only promises a luxurious stay but also ensures that guests are at the doorstep of London’s most treasured experiences. Whether you’re a history buff, a culture vulture, or simply looking to soak in the city vibes, its location serves as the perfect starting point.

Price and Value for Money at London Marriott Hotel County Hall

Staying at a prime location in the heart of London often comes with its price tag. Let’s delve into the costs associated with the London Marriott Hotel County Hall and assess its value for money.

A Detailed Breakdown of Costs for Various Aspects of the Hotel


  • Standard Rooms: Starting from £250 to £350 per night, depending on the season and view.
  • Deluxe Rooms: Prices can range from £350 to £500, largely influenced by the room’s size and view.
  • Suites: Depending on the suite category, costs might hover between £600 to £2,500 per night.


  • Breakfast Buffet: Approximately £25-£30 per person.
  • Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar: Main courses typically range from £20 to £50, with steaks being on the higher end.
  • Afternoon Tea at The Library: About £40-£60 per person, with premium options costing more.


  • Spa Treatments: Varying based on the type and duration, treatments can start from £50 for a basic massage and go up to £200 for extensive therapies.
  • Fitness Center: Usually included in the room rate for hotel guests.

Additional Services:

  • Concierge Services: Complimentary for guests, though tickets or reservations made on behalf of guests would have their costs.
  • Room Service: Prices comparable to the hotel’s dining venues, with an additional service charge.

Assessment of Whether the London Marriott Hotel County Hall Provides Value for Money

While the costs associated with the London Marriott Hotel County Hall might appear steep at first glance, it’s essential to consider the value embedded within these prices. The hotel’s prime location, with iconic London attractions just footsteps away, saves both time and transportation expenses for guests. The views of landmarks such as Big Ben or the Thames from your room can be priceless for many.

Additionally, the hotel’s commitment to luxury and service is evident. Spacious, meticulously designed rooms, high-quality dining experiences, top-notch amenities, and an exceptionally trained staff all contribute to the hotel’s reputation.

Given the overall experience, the prestige of the brand, and the unparalleled location, many guests find the London Marriott Hotel County Hall to offer good value for money, especially when comparing it to other luxury hotels in prime London locations.

However, “value” is subjective. While it undoubtedly offers a premium experience, individual preferences, and budget considerations will determine whether it aligns with one’s own perception of value for money.

Table: London Marriott Hotel County Hall Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Prime location on the South Bank, offering proximity to major attractions. Pricey accommodation, which may not fit everyone’s budget.
Unparalleled views of iconic landmarks like Big Ben and River Thames. Dining options, while exquisite, can be more expensive than nearby alternatives.
Exceptional customer service and well-trained staff. Traffic congestion in the area during peak times can be challenging.
Luxurious amenities including a spa, indoor swimming pool, and fitness center. Limited parking facilities.
Multiple dining options catering to a range of culinary preferences. Potential noise from nearby attractions and events.
Historical significance and architecture of the building itself. Some rooms might not have the iconic views the hotel is known for.
Modern rooms with all necessary conveniences for a comfortable stay.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The London Marriott Hotel County Hall is a seamless blend of historic grandeur and modern luxury. Its prime location on the South Bank places guests at the epicenter of London’s vibrancy. From the moment one steps into the hotel, the commitment to excellence is evident. Be it the meticulously designed rooms, the dining experiences, or the world-class amenities, every aspect speaks of sophistication. Beyond the tangible, however, it’s the intangibles – the warmth of the staff, the views of the Thames at sunrise, and the gentle hum of London’s heartbeat – that truly define a stay here.

Recommendation on Who the Hotel Would be Suitable For

  • Families: With spacious rooms, proximity to family-friendly attractions like the London Eye and Sea Life London Aquarium, and specialized kid menus, it’s a hit with families. The indoor swimming pool is also a bonus for children.
  • Couples: Whether it’s a honeymoon, an anniversary, or just a romantic getaway, the hotel provides the perfect backdrop. Candlelit dinners at Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar, couple’s spa treatments, and the mesmerizing city views ensure memorable moments.
  • Business Travelers: Its central location, impeccable service, and top-notch event facilities make it a preferred choice for business travelers. The dedicated workspaces in rooms and high-speed internet further support a seamless work experience.
  • Solo Travelers: With concierge services to guide one through London’s maze and a host of amenities to indulge in, solo travelers will find the hotel a safe and luxurious abode.
  • History Enthusiasts: The building’s historic significance, combined with its architecture, would appeal to those with a penchant for history.

In conclusion, while the London Marriott Hotel County Hall is tailored to suit the needs of a broad spectrum of travelers, it’s particularly recommended for those seeking a blend of luxury, convenience, and a touch of London’s historic charm. Whether you’re there for business or pleasure, it promises an experience that lingers long after the stay.


The London Marriott Hotel County Hall stands as a beacon of luxury, history, and unmatched service on the South Bank of the River Thames. This review shed light on its numerous strengths:

  • A prime location that offers guests unparalleled access to iconic landmarks and the rich tapestry of London’s cultural scene.
  • Exceptional customer service with staff dedicated to ensuring each guest’s experience is nothing short of perfection.
  • A myriad of dining options that tantalize the palate, backed by the promise of high-quality ingredients and meticulous presentation.
  • World-class amenities ranging from a tranquil spa to a state-of-the-art fitness center.
  • Accommodations that perfectly balance modern luxury with historic charm, ensuring every guest’s stay is both comfortable and memorable.

Recap of the key points of the review and the overall rating for the London Marriott Hotel County Hall

And lastly, its proximity to a range of attractions, making it suitable for families, couples, business travelers, and solo explorers alike.

Given its commitment to delivering an exceptional guest experience, the London Marriott Hotel County Hall undoubtedly earns a top-tier rating. For those seeking a blend of luxury, history, and the very essence of London, this hotel emerges as an impeccable choice.

Features & Amenities

  • Amenities : Air conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Accessible, Restaurant, Paid breakfast, Paid parking, Indoor pool, Bar
  • Parking : Tthe London Marriott Hotel County Hall does not have its own on-site parking. However, there are nearby public parking facilities available, and guests are recommended to check with the hotel directly or refer to its website for current parking options and rates. Always ensure you have the most up-to-date information by contacting the hotel or checking their website.

Map Location

County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB, UK,SE1 7PB,London

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