Brewdog Hotel Manchester

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Brewdog Hotel Manchester
Brewdog Hotel Manchester
Brewdog Hotel Manchester
Brewdog Hotel Manchester
Brewdog Hotel Manchester
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Brewdog Hotel Manchester
Brewdog Hotel Manchester
Brewdog Hotel Manchester
Brewdog Hotel Manchester
Brewdog Hotel Manchester


Welcome to BrewDog Hotel Manchester, a uniquely rebellious accommodation experience nestled in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant city center. Combining the groundbreaking spirit of BrewDog, a pioneer in the craft beer revolution, with the rich industrial heritage and lively cultural scene of Manchester, this hotel offers an experience like no other.

With features tailored for beer enthusiasts and casual travelers alike, every element of our hotel, from the in-room beer taps to the craft beer spa treatments, have been carefully curated to immerse guests in the world of BrewDog. The hotel promises comfort, convenience, and a sensory journey into the passionate universe of craft beer.

Located just a stone’s throw from popular local attractions, and offering a curated variety of BrewDog’s internationally acclaimed beers, this hotel extends beyond being simply a place to rest. It’s a unique exploration of flavor, a tribute to Manchester’s heritage, and a hub for beer lovers from all corners of the globe.

So whether you’re in Manchester to soak in the city’s rich history, catch a world-class football match, or simply relax with a perfectly poured pint, BrewDog Hotel Manchester is your perfect home away from home. Here, every stay is an unforgettable adventure where traditional hospitality meets bold BrewDog spirit. Welcome to a craft beer journey that you’ll remember long after your visit.


BrewDog Hotel Manchester, where craft beer innovation and forward-thinking hospitality converge, offers an exhilarating stay in the heart of Manchester. This extraordinary hotel is a testament to BrewDog’s audacious spirit, delivering an immersive craft beer experience for enthusiasts and casual travelers alike. The unique features of the hotel range from in-room beer taps to craft beer spa treatments, all carefully designed to create an unforgettable adventure for guests.

Location and Accessibility:

Perfectly positioned in Manchester’s bustling city center, BrewDog Hotel offers easy accessibility to a plethora of local attractions. Whether you’re in town to dive into the city’s rich cultural and historical offerings, or to cheer on your favorite team in a football match, the hotel’s location ensures that you’re never far from the action. Well-connected by public transport, and just a short distance from Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria train stations, this hotel is easily accessible for both local and international guests. If you’re arriving by car, you’ll be pleased to find ample parking facilities in the vicinity.

Purpose of the Review:

The aim of this review is to offer a comprehensive and unbiased insight into the BrewDog Hotel Manchester experience. From the distinctively beer-centric amenities to the standard of service, from the quality of accommodation to the overall ambiance, every aspect will be scrutinized and shared. This review intends to assist future guests in making informed decisions about their stay, and to provide feedback to the hotel management for further improvement. Whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or a traveler looking for a unique hospitality experience, this review will delve deep into what makes BrewDog Hotel Manchester an extraordinary destination.

First Impression:

My first impression of the BrewDog Hotel Manchester was one of excitement and intrigue. The hotel’s presence exudes an energy that is both welcoming and edgy, perfectly aligning with BrewDog’s brand ethos. The bold signage with the unmistakable BrewDog logo is impossible to miss, immediately signaling that you are about to embark on an entirely unique hospitality experience.

Exterior and Architecture:

The exterior and architecture of the BrewDog Hotel are a fitting homage to Manchester’s industrial roots. The structure incorporates traditional brickwork, interspersed with modern glass elements, creating a seamless blend of the old and new. The hotel’s architectural design strikes a perfect balance between the city’s historic charm and BrewDog’s modern, irreverent style. It stands as a bold statement, mirroring the daring spirit of the brand, while still blending with the surrounding urban landscape.

Lobby and Reception:

Upon entering, I was immediately drawn to the lobby’s vibrant atmosphere. The space is filled with a mix of comfortable, contemporary furniture and quirky beer-themed decor. The walls adorned with BrewDog’s vibrant artwork and beer bottle displays create a visually engaging narrative of the brand’s journey. However, it’s not just about aesthetics; the lobby also serves as an inviting social space where guests can relax, enjoy a craft beer, or even strike up a conversation with fellow beer enthusiasts.

Check-in Process:

The check-in process at the BrewDog Hotel was smooth and efficient. The reception staff were notably friendly and attentive, making me feel welcomed from the moment I arrived. They quickly processed my reservation, informed me about the hotel’s amenities, and provided a brief overview of BrewDog’s offerings. I was particularly impressed by their knowledge of the beers available and their readiness to offer recommendations. My room key was handed over with a complimentary BrewDog beer – a thoughtful gesture that set the tone for the unique experience that lay ahead.


BrewDog Hotel Manchester offers a range of accommodation options, designed to suit every guest’s preferences. The rooms are thoughtfully crafted with the same spirit of innovation that BrewDog brings to its beers, ensuring an unusual and comfortable stay.

Room Types and Sizes:

The hotel’s array of room types include the Punk Standard, Indie King, and BrewMaster Suite. The Punk Standard rooms are compact yet comfortable, ideal for solo travelers or couples. Indie King rooms are a bit more spacious, featuring a king-size bed and a lounging area. For those looking for the ultimate BrewDog experience, the BrewMaster Suites offer a generous living space, complete with unique amenities like a beer-infused spa bath.

In-Room Amenities:

The standout feature of the rooms at BrewDog Hotel Manchester has to be the in-room beer taps – a delight for any craft beer lover. In addition to this, each room is equipped with a mini-fridge stocked with BrewDog’s finest beers. The rooms also include all the standard amenities such as a flat-screen TV, a coffee maker, and high-speed Wi-Fi. The BrewMaster Suites take it a notch higher with a personal beer-infused spa bath, offering a unique relaxation experience.

Cleanliness and Maintenance:

Despite its unconventional approach, the hotel doesn’t compromise on cleanliness and maintenance. My room was spotless upon arrival, with every element from the bedding to the bathroom in excellent condition. Regular cleaning services were provided, ensuring a comfortable and tidy living space throughout my stay.

Views and Noise Levels:

Most rooms offer sweeping views of the bustling cityscape, allowing you to soak in Manchester’s vibrant ambiance right from your window. Despite the central location, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent soundproofing in the rooms. Even with the city’s lively nightlife, noise levels were comfortably low, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Dining Options:

When it comes to dining, BrewDog Hotel Manchester has an impressive selection of options that beautifully complements their diverse beer offerings. The focus is on hearty, flavorsome dishes that pair wonderfully with the craft beers on tap.

On-Site Restaurants and Bars:

The hotel boasts an on-site restaurant, aptly named the “Hop & Food”, known for its creative menu that draws inspiration from global cuisines. The dishes are designed to complement BrewDog’s beer lineup, allowing guests to experience interesting food and beer pairings. The restaurant’s relaxed yet lively atmosphere makes it an ideal place for both casual dining and special occasions.

The BrewDog bar located within the hotel premises is a major draw for both guests and locals. With a vast array of BrewDog’s iconic beers and rotating guest brews, it’s a beer lover’s paradise. The knowledgeable bar staff are always ready to help you choose the perfect pint.

Breakfast Options:

The breakfast at BrewDog Hotel is as distinctive as the rest of the offerings. Guests can choose between the classic continental spread or opt for a cooked breakfast. For those looking to kick-start their day in the BrewDog way, there’s the unique beer-infused breakfast items. The beer pancakes are a must-try!

Room Service:

For guests who prefer to dine in the comfort of their rooms, BrewDog Hotel offers a comprehensive room service menu. This includes a selection from their restaurant menu as well as some exclusive dishes. And of course, their wide array of beers is available for room delivery too. The service is prompt and the food arrives hot, adding to the overall dining experience.

Facilities and Services:

BrewDog Hotel Manchester extends beyond just comfortable accommodation and great beer; it offers a comprehensive range of facilities and services to ensure guests have a memorable stay.

Spa and Wellness Center:

The BrewDog Hotel boasts a unique Spa and Wellness Center, offering treatments inspired by the healing properties of hops. The beer-infused spa treatments are a novelty, providing an opportunity to experience relaxation in a whole new way. From hop-infused massages to beer foot soaks, these treatments add a novel twist to traditional spa services.

Fitness Center:

For those who like to keep up with their fitness routine, the BrewDog Hotel has a well-equipped fitness center. It includes cardio machines, resistance training equipment, and free weights. The center is clean, modern, and open 24 hours, allowing guests to work out according to their schedule.

Meeting and Event Spaces:

The hotel also offers flexible meeting and event spaces, which are perfect for both corporate gatherings and social events. These spaces are equipped with modern audio-visual technology and high-speed internet access. Plus, the hotel’s unique beer-themed environment and catering services add a fun and memorable twist to any event.

Concierge Services:

To enhance guests’ experiences, BrewDog Hotel Manchester provides efficient concierge services. The team is knowledgeable and eager to assist with everything from restaurant reservations to suggestions for local attractions. They also have a thorough understanding of the BrewDog beers on offer, ready to advise you on food pairing, beer tasting sessions, and the unique brews you must try during your stay. Their service significantly contributes to the personalized and engaging experience that the hotel aims to provide.

Staff and Customer Services:

One of the standout features of BrewDog Hotel Manchester is undoubtedly its exceptional staff. The team adds a human touch to the edgy, beer-centric experience, creating an atmosphere that is both vibrant and welcoming.

Friendliness and Professionalism:

From the moment I arrived, the warmth and friendliness of the staff were evident. Each team member, from the reception staff to the bartenders, exudes a genuine enthusiasm for their role and for the BrewDog brand. Their professionalism is equally commendable; they carry out their duties efficiently while maintaining a relaxed and friendly demeanor that puts guests at ease.

Responsiveness to Requests:

The staff’s responsiveness to requests and queries is praiseworthy. Whether I needed extra towels, a late-night snack, or advice on which BrewDog beer to try next, they were quick to assist. The team goes above and beyond to ensure guests have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Language Capabilities:

Given the international appeal of the BrewDog brand, the staff’s language capabilities are notable. They are proficient in multiple languages, ensuring they can effectively communicate with guests from around the world. This multicultural competence is a testament to the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that the hotel strives to create for every guest.

Location and Nearby Attractions:

BrewDog Hotel Manchester is located in the heart of the city, placing it within easy reach of a variety of attractions. The hotel’s central location means guests can fully immerse themselves in Manchester’s dynamic city life.

Proximity to Public Transportation:

With Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria train stations a short distance away, the hotel boasts excellent connectivity to the rest of the city and beyond. Several bus and tram stops are also within a few minutes’ walk, making it easy for guests to navigate the city using public transportation.

Walking Distance to Attractions:

Many of Manchester’s must-visit attractions are within walking distance of the BrewDog Hotel. These include the National Football Museum, the Manchester Art Gallery, and the vibrant Northern Quarter with its myriad of independent shops, bars, and restaurants. The iconic Manchester Arena is also nearby, making the hotel a great base for those attending concerts or events.

Shopping and Dining Options Nearby:

Manchester’s premier shopping destinations, such as the Arndale Centre and the high-end boutiques of King Street, are a short stroll away. Guests also have an array of dining options at their doorstep. From traditional British pubs to world-class restaurants and eclectic street food stalls, Manchester’s culinary scene has something to suit all tastes and budgets. With BrewDog Hotel’s prime location, you’ll be perfectly placed to explore and savor the city’s diverse offerings.

Price and Value for Money:

Given its unique offerings, the BrewDog Hotel Manchester provides considerable value for its pricing. The hotel has created a niche in the hospitality sector with its blend of comfortable accommodation, craft beer experiences, and high-quality services, which justifies the rates.

Room Rates and Packages:

The room rates at BrewDog Hotel are competitive, particularly when you consider the unique amenities like in-room beer taps and beer-infused spa treatments. The hotel also offers a variety of packages to enhance the guest experience. One such package is the “BrewDog Immersion”, which includes a guided tour of a BrewDog brewery and a beer tasting session.

Comparison to Other Hotels in the Area:

Compared to other hotels in the area, BrewDog Hotel stands out for its unique concept and the overall experience it offers. While you may find accommodations with lower rates, the distinctive craft beer-focused services and amenities at BrewDog Hotel are unparalleled. For beer lovers or those seeking a unique stay, the BrewDog Hotel provides an experience that’s worth the slight premium.

Overall Value:

Overall, the BrewDog Hotel Manchester offers excellent value for money. The comfortable accommodations, unique beer-themed amenities, friendly service, and prime location make it a great choice for a memorable stay. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or just a traveler looking for something different, you’ll find that BrewDog Hotel delivers an unforgettable experience that justifies the investment.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

BrewDog Hotel Manchester is an impressive blend of hospitality and craft beer culture. With its innovative amenities, friendly service, and fantastic location, the hotel offers an exceptional stay for guests. However, as with any experience, it has its strengths and areas where there’s room for improvement.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

pros and cons

Pros πŸ‘ Cons πŸ‘Ž
Unique craft beer experiences May not appeal to non-beer drinkers
Excellent central location Noise from the city could be a concern for some guests
Exceptional service Price might be slightly higher compared to traditional hotels
Comfortable and clean rooms Lack of a swimming pool might disappoint some guests
Diverse dining options

suitable for various types of travelers

BrewDog Hotel is suitable for various types of travelers. For beer enthusiasts, it’s a dream come true; for casual travelers, it’s a chance to try something unique. Business travelers will appreciate the convenient location and meeting facilities, while leisure travelers will love exploring nearby attractions and the vibrant nightlife.

Overall Rating:

Given its unique offerings, the excellent service, and the prime location, I would give BrewDog Hotel Manchester an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. It’s a standout choice for a stay in Manchester, offering a hotel experience that is refreshingly different and memorable. If you’re looking for something more than just a place to rest your head at night, BrewDog Hotel Manchester might just be what you’re looking for.

Features & Amenities

  • Amenities : Air conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, Restaurant, Paid breakfast, Pet-friendly, Room service, Bar
  • Parking : Yes, BrewDog Hotel Manchester provides parking facilities for its guests. Given its central location, the availability of on-site parking is a convenient feature for those traveling by car. It's recommended to confirm the details and any associated parking fees with the hotel directly during booking or ahead of your arrival.

Map Location

18-20 Fountain St, Manchester M2 2AR, UK ,M2 2AR,Manchester

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